Part Two: Taking Care of Your Health


The more I converse with people the more I understand that you really need to take an active role in your healthcare. We all assume that the Doctor we choose knows exactly what is going on with our health issues and knows best how to keep us in tip-top shape. I have not met anyone yet who will give me the thumbs up in this category. We need to be pro-active in what our physical, mental and emotional body needs. Part one deal with attitude adjustments and in this I will attempt to guide you in a direction to decipher some of the physical needs.

A good honest rapport with your doctor is a must. If you have a doctor you fear or will not work with your choices of care such as nutritional supplements and / or chiropractic, you may consider the need to change doctors. Some do not believe in what supplements can do, yet behind the scenes they use them for themselves and their families. You can also agree to disagree and keep them to do your blood work and perform the necessary tests to help guide your success in this aging process.

The place to begin this treasure hunt of health is with your blood work. Mid Life offers a great deal of change in all aspects of your life. Finding out your baseline in all areas of body function will guide you in the necessary changes you need to make concern diet, exercise, meds or supplements and whatever therapies would be beneficial for optimum aging performance.

What do I mean by baselines?

For bones: Dexa Scan

Colon: Colonoscopy

For Women: Mammogram and Pap smear

Blood Work: on top of the usual add C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, and HGBA1C, Also a complete hormone panel that includes DHEA

Teeth; Complete dental assessment

Eyes: Complete exam and check for Cataracts, Macular Degeneration


It would be really great if you have been health conscious all along but whether you have or not the above is really a great way to determine where you are now and what is necessary for quality of life for the next chapter of your anti-aging process . Knowing is half the battle and no matter how hard you try denial does not do a positive thing for you. You need to give yourself permission to take care of yourself as well as you do others in your life. Start removing negative things from your life whether it is food, friends, stuff or inactivity. Get excited about yourself. Dress for living! Wear all those clothes that you know look good in but only save for special occasions. Today you are special and wait no longer. Make better choices of people you want around you, foods that will taste good and offer your body a helping hand. Do not be afraid to take an active role in yourself. Do not wait for it to be asked of you or to be in trouble before you find out you need to alter your lifestyle. Get quiet, self evaluate and do not think you're above needing changes. There is always something you could improve on. Aging does funky things to everyone and knowledge along with action is the only things that can keep your changes to a minimum. In the process of aging, ignorance is not bliss. See you for Part 3 or head over to for more right now!

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