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Acrylic Ombre Nails are one of the most desired looks right now… you’ve got orange and black acrylic ombres, all kinds of colored acrylic ombres, yellow and white acrylic ombres, but I would have to say that one of the most beautiful looking ombres are the pink and white ombres, also knows as the baby boomers. In this episode, Greg takes Habib through the process of how to create the perfect fade of pink and white ombre nails, using core white acrylic powder and cover pink acrylic powder. There are most certainly problems that surface in Habib application, which uncovers some lovely learning gems. We hope you enjoy this episode, and be sure to let us know your comments.

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  1. I really feel your frustration Habib😥 I have mainly worked with gel for almost 6 years now, and I have just now started school where I work with acrylics. It is first after 20 full sets that I got a good feel and confidence for the product. You still do a really great job!👍 You just need to convert down those arm muscles of yours into a light touch with your fingertips, probably not easy😂😆😉👍 You have an amazing teacher though😁👍 Tfs guys!

  2. Greg…so super you detect the problem and stay calm. Habib my stomache turned upside down when the pink started to set😂 As a starter I know how you feel and it felt like I was on that horse so many years ago. My riding was very good but never felt in control. This Christmas I will ask for a Greg to get that control😁

  3. I am not a nail tech but, Habib I think you did an awesome job. Greg is one hell of a teacher. Very patient and, understanding. Please keep making these videos, as I am learning a lot from watching them. Keep Up The Good Work 😊💅⚘💗⚘

  4. Habib, I totally get you! I said exactly the same to my teacher yesterday … Figuring out what to do and when to do it is really hard (especially when you have a product that is drying as you think) and the most frustrating is when something doesn't go as it should, not knowing how to rectify the situation. I guess I could do with my own Greg who coaches me every step of the way …. Thanks for all the videos you guys make!

  5. Habib, don't be so hard on yourself. Its the frustration of every beginner. We all have been there. You learn from every mistake. We all have good and bad days regardless of our experience level. Its a matter of not giving up. Keep practicing with the products and you will get better. 🙂

  6. I always try to remember to “shingle” the pink and white. Then feather it by turning my brush the opposite way. My biggest problem is making the design too thick and then capping with clear, but by the time I’ve filed down to the correct thickness I’ve filed into the pink and white too. The only way to get “a feel” for it is to just do it over and over until it’s second nature.

  7. I understand Habib's frustration sooo well!! I'm a beginner as well and a few months ago, with my 3 first clients ever I had the same issue over and over with filing. I had to make square nails, and once I applied the gel polish on top I could see all the lines that were rounded and made the nails look like round things, not like squares. And I coulnd't understand what I did wrong, WHERE I had to file. And finally, looking at the awful picture of these nails, I got it, and since then I! finally understand or "feel' where i'm supposed to file, where to look, what line to look at, and it really changed everything. I understand so much when you said you don't have the eye for filing, even though Greg explains you. I guess doing over and over alone, or with Greg, you'll get it too . <3

  8. Well done habib🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 that is awesome for a first try, goes to show how team work gets a job done. Greg ,awesome patience and instruction. I get what you meant habib by let me do it so I can feel what I'm doing.
    Also you followed what Greg said great job to you both cheers from down under