Promising Future Careers – What Do The Trends Say?


The most lucrative future practitioners are in the following fields:

Health and wellness – reinforced by aging baby boom factor, Internet, Home based businesses, Finance, Technology, College Teaching.

According to the Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS), a division of the US Department of Labor, seven of the ten fastest growing jobs in the US will be in health and wellness by 2014. This should be true in case of other developed countries as well. With the spread of health education and increasing health consciousness, more and more people will be looking towards health care. In the USA alone, about 57 percent of all the jobs are going to be related to health care.

The above is more so with aging baby boomers. With good incomes and health related expenses, increase in health related jobs is the natural outcome.

The most lucrative professions in this field are notably doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dental assistants and physical therapist aides.

Internet is growing rapidly globally. There will be lots of opportunities in internet businesses. More and more people have already started turning to internet for developing internet careers. Hundreds of people are making their living now on the internet.

Home based business will gain in importance with ubiquitous internet and wireless mobility. With this, more and more people are turning into independent workers.

More people will be needing financial advice and accounting help. This will continue to pave way for growth of financial and accounting professionals.

Technology related jobs in general and software engineering analysis jobs in particular will also grow very fast and will count in the top ten fastest growing jobs.

College professors will be in high demand as children of baby boomers and young boomers move to colleges.

Other lucrative professions will be in the fields of environment (environment engineering), alternative energy, insurance, recruitment etc.

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