Request-The 5 Biggest Lies the Baby Boomers Told Americans


Cappy digs deep to find the 5 biggest lies the Baby Boomers told Americans and laments the cost of those lies.
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  1. "Gen X parents" should be considered an oxymoron. I remember that the defining characteristic of "us" (back when we were young adults and trying to start our lives) was that our parents set a terrible example for us of how to have a happy family life. And that we all didn't want to inflict that upon a new generation of innocents. Maybe I'm misremembering the 1990s, but I don't think so. I think I remember those times all too well. And the times that led us to feel the way we did.

  2. I do believe that Generation Z(1995-2012) still has the potential to be the lesser of two evils when compared to Millennials(1980-1994). There have been people who I’ve met who are in the early Gen-Z age range(18-23) that said they believe college is a scam and don’t find it necessary, so that’s a good sign. But unfortunately many people in this society still continue to be sheep and if Generation Z aren’t better then previous generations than I won’t be surprised. Great Video!

  3. Glad you brought up lacigreen. One of her recent videos, something about can kids be drag or something like that. I think that right there is evidence enough that she only made the 'red pill' video for attention. On top of that if you look at just the difference in outrage from that to what say Milo did (not saying either are right), and it just shows that there is still huge double standards out there. I think part of the problem, something I see with the Right. Is a good amount of people on the right is just appeasing the left which I think only adds fuel to the fire. Because you notice how the right is so critical of the left, but at the same time playing lefty games by showing just how 'not sexist' they are or how 'not racist' they are. Which I think is partly the reason the left always wins, because a good portion on the right are lost and cowards. Because if they believed the left to be absolutely wrong then the right wouldn't have tolerated the left for this long.

  4. The myth of ever rising social mobility has driven the advice from the 'establishment' .There is no proviso that a Dr's/lawyers child can be just as happy being a plumber or welder or that financial failure can occur for a professional
    Playing the victim card is SOP under marxist/feminastism and is entrenched in the West, unless you are a caucasian, middle aged male in middle management, then your are 'excluded' from the 'program'.
    As for global warming I want to believe that there is a chance that that the oceans will rise a fathom or two and we will see if libturds float.

  5. Boomer bashing is in vogue now without regard they were also sold a bill of goods by the "greatest generation" or using your reference WWII generation. The generation that skimmed off the best of the post WWII economy, sold boomers the lie that it would be the same for them, higher education was for everyone, women could have it better than their mothers, men should be emotionally effusive unlike their fathers, they could have it better than their parents and so on. So you're wrong about boomers selling these lies, it was sold to them and by the time they recognized it, too late. Probably every generation could blame the previous one but adults pick up and figure out what to do with whatever they were handed. Rants generalizing about any generation are not helpful to solving real issues that you rightly identify but are across all generations. If those generalizations were true than all Gen Xers are whining, crying, bitter, hostile, angry babies who blames everyone else for their problems, have yet to grow up, get over themselves and move on. It may surprise you that a lot of boomers and their grandkids (millennials) agree with your complaints but are tired of hearing the never ending griping of their never satisfied Gen X kids and parents.

  6. Screw it, enjoy the decline. I’ve done all I can to teach my kids better Cappy. You know this, but basically their entire peer group has no idea how to live differently from the EBT card carrying deadbeat who has no idea what striving for excellence is.

  7. Young people can set around complaining about how Boomers and the Gen Xer's screwed future generations, but one must consider the times before taking the high moral ground. We came from a time before the World Wide Web and the mass communication red-pilling that came with it. We were programmed sheep because the corrupt MSM was the only news we got. You didn't hear anything that big business and big brother didn't want you to know or believe in. Information on the world outside of the US borders was scarce to say the least. We didn't have YouTube and international blogging sites with the free exchange of information and solidarity that comes with it. So for all you younger generations thinking that we are stupid cucks that owe you an apology…forget it! You don't deserve it because you were not there living in profound ignorance like we were. And it was not our fault. We didn't have the tech advantages you do now in allowing you to know the truth and push for change over the web.

  8. Jews are 0.2% of the American population, yet they control the Federal reserve, government, banks, and most major corporations. Yes, their IQ is slightly higher than whites, yet when you account for the population sizes there are way more whites with >120 IQs than jews. Wake up Aaron. otherwise, great video