Sam Hyde – Baby Boomers


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  1. My dad worships money and expects me to do the same. I bought a home that cost no more than 100k to build and after a 30 year mortgage I will have paid 450k. Keep in mind the bank only needs 10% of what they loan you. Then they carge interest on it. I hate this fucking debt slave system but I don't want to be homeless. I wish I could build my own home in the woods but we aint allowed. Boomers completely fucked us.

  2. glad to see no one on either side likes baby boomers. There's no useful advice BBs have. They lived in a world where the system was working for them, and stole it instead of passing it down like the greatest generation.

    they had it easy; no one else will beyond this point. Their advice or insight may as well be out of a storybook.

  3. you cant blame them for being corrupt. Dobt get me wrong i loathe the baby boomer who runs away with the future' inheritance down to Florida. and they are common.
    You have to go back ti the migration to inner cities during the depression, that decision. to NOT work on farms or depend on the Churches but to stand in lines and serve the bankers and industrial barons and newspapers and global culture's investment in foreign affairs is where the baby boomer began. The ethic anyway.
    But again the failure was Generational in the sense that nobody paid attention during the 1965 immigration act. Nobody bothered yo ask economic questions about State Power l. Federal systems. etc. Even the Church just flatly failed to have an adequate message worth holding too.
    Massive failure. But alas the powers at the time. Were meddling internationally, like they do and crashed tge economy.
    But heres the bitch, and wgar could of been avoided.
    Nobody had to move into the slums..As long as water and seeds make food and Trees and stone make up houses and rifles too. The idea that people left their family farms amd churches failed. Proves that it isnt a Trait of Generation or Elite Class. It's the trend of the people to foolishly make things worse without critical thinking.

  4. People do the best they can with the knowledge they have at the time. Millenials are better off than their parents, in some serious ways, but not in others. My grandmother shit in an outhouse and my dad didn't have a phone in the house until he was around 14-years-old.

    Nowadays, we have access to everything on the internet. You can get information on anything; computer programming, philosophy, pretty much whatever you want, how to start a business, whatever.

    The big thing is just avoiding the College trap.

    Blaming the boomers for shit is retarded. You only have yourself to blame. The word has been out on college for a while now, ever since before I started back in 2010.

    I knew it wasn't a good idea then, but I went anyway just because I was too scared to do anything else as an 18-year-old. I just followed the herd.

    Regardless, start a business. Become an electrician. There's a ton of shit you can do.

  5. Think the guy just hates his parents, lol. But Boomers are to blame to an extent. They took all the potential, money, and progress made by their parents and squandered it for bigger govt, social programs, and comfort. A completely selfish and short sighted generation only looking after themselves.

  6. In the 1980s baby boomers became conservative after the cultural revolution of the 60/70s because they regretted the changes they made. Ya thanks for that fucking snakes. They were also the first generation of White Americans to lose a sense of national/racial identity. Basically the biggest faggots ever

  7. Lucky never had to deal with this shit, parents were very traditional.
    However I see this exact shit manifested in my extended family. Aunts and Uncles who thought it was more important for them to take vacations and buy fancy toys rather than be a parent to their kids. And what is the result ? Divorces and broken homes raising future dsyfunctional kids raised on the internet aka children who have seen Globolhomogayplex culture since they were 5 years old from their smart phones while their parents were swiping right on Tinder.

    Future looking so bright, you wont need eyes to see it.

  8. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Which face are we getting? You see, they throw it right in your face and revel at how fucking stupid you are. This dude is straight from the slums of Brooklyn. It's amazing how many gentiles aren't familiar with Jewish traits.

  9. Boomers took the most prosperous nation in the history of anything, rebelled against it for no reason, then squandered it. The older Boomers became hippies who used a lot of drugs, had a lot of meaningless sex, and neglected their Gen X-aged children. The younger Boomers spoiled their Millennial children, convincing them they're special and can do anything, while leaving nothing for them, including basic life skill training, when they grew up.