Shaping Their Lives – Baby Boomer Values ​​And More?


The generation of baby boomers lived, following sets of values. These should be identified for criticizing, correcting and challenging them. Their way of approach towards their beliefs, world events, relationships and politics make up their system of values. This helps them in reacting towards certain things in certain ways, which may be positive or negative.

These values ​​are obtained by the baby boomers from media, peers, parents and teachers. The world around them models the values ​​which they follow in a fluid and dynamic way into what they are currently. Most boomers create their basic value systems during early stages of their life and by the time they become 25, their values ​​become so deeply engraved in them that it still lingers.

But, the generation of baby boomers is against categorization and refusal to follow the traditions followed by their elders in this field. Politics is also a field where they disagree with their elders. When boomers become older, they are predicted to follow the already existing political values. However, studies show that boomers are ones that think for their own selves and do not get committed to particular sets of values ​​and are divided according to ideologies into ruthless groups, where their parents and elders have failed.

The values ​​of baby boomers are variable and indeterminate to a very large extent. Their values ​​are far from what was followed by their parents and political issues are very sensitive ones. The generation before their heads was very loyal to their parents and followed the beaten track. Boomers dared to be different and made decisions, thinking by themselves for their own selves, in their terms where a few issues were conservative and others, liberal.

Surveys that were conducted showed that favors were given for environmental regulations by 74%, stem cell research by 55%, gay marriage by 26% and legal abortion by 57%. Also, 40% admitted their conservative approach to politics, 70% approved of death penalty, 75% were in favor of school prayers and lastly, 65% determined that civil liberties must be tied because of terrorism.

Baby boomers split vital matters related to candidates in politics, the positions' key issues and also their personality. The boomers have a lot of common opinions when it comes to these. The dual politics system and government disappoints them as both rely on boomers for their judgment for making decisions, economically and socially. 56% feel that a third party that is well built will benefit the country, while 32% are under the notification that the government does what is right, supposedly. They even confront things like tax payments, military services and political issues, which were considered important by the GI generation.

The shape of a boomer's values ​​will be based on two things. One is the way in which they were raised. They were placed in limelight and doted by it as they were the first generation that was born after the Second World War and were given more opportunities than what was given to their parents. This made them to be interested more in their own cause and they rated things by means of the benefits to them because of it. An issue was not supposed to be conservative or liberal so long as it favored their needs properly. The boomers who had such thinking abilities can not be categorized generally as the consumers of recreational drugs, the hippies.

The other was the generation's nature. The span of the generation was 18 years and it gave way to the possibility of a parent and a child, both being baby boomers. Here, the difference in views was different by large amounts.

Now, the boomers have the maximum share in political, cultural, industrial and academic leadership in USA. They are called as the cultural factors generation. Boomer's thought improvement to their society through children and considered it as a failure of their parents.

The boomers are the best of hippies known and also the best counter cultural generation. However, their music and conservatism became very normal to them. Boomers are similar to idealist generations and had a passion for improvement, both personally and socially. Even though their passion changes expressions, the intensity of the passion lasts until they become out of age. Thus, what comes into action are the main sources that molded them, however, smaller and weaker signals can also cause tremendous changes in their established values.

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