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  1. Amazing how oblivious some people can be. The accusation that boomers flip-flopped because they went from adolescent liberals to old conservatives ignores the quote attributed to Churchill, "If you are not liberal by the age of 25, then you have no heart but if you are not conservative by 35, you have no brain."

    This, in fact, is standard regardless of generation. It occurs more slowly in later generations because of one factor: marital age. The single most important factor to maturity is family responsibilities. When one is young and single there is no pressing urgency. However, once responsible for dependents, new obligations are forced upon individuals that sober them up, making them more conservative.

  2. This book hits almost evey nail on the head!..previous gens knew the meaning of "duty" and responsibility. New gens have LOST THEIR PURPOSE! and if not careful we will loose much much more in gens to come. The feminist movement is also VERY MUCH to blame, failing generations of women. Women raising children (our future) has become almost shameful if she doesn't also have a prestigious job or degree she dedicates most of life and time too, leaving children to be raised by overwhelmed day care strangers, TV, and internet. Loosing touch with things they should VALUE, replaced with pure carnal narcissism.

  3. boomers made everything you use
    crawled in the mud of foreign lands
    became super sensitized to all the oppressed
    sent men to the moon

    we all learn there are consequences for the actions we take
    some bb's (very few) shirk their responsibilities
    most still stand well

  4. I'm a late Gen Xer that isn't really chronically cynical as older Xers and not as soft as Millennials and consider myself a "Cusper."

    I don't agree with conservatives but Paul Ryan is right about boomers entitlement programs will have us go bankrupt. I wouldn't cut them but I'd love it if every politician moving forward would threaten to cut their entitlements just to fuck with them and torture them. ?

  5. Baby Boomers were the last decent generation that played by the rules of previous generations: paying taxes, paying into social security, buying homes, planning for retirement, starting businesses, starting at the bottom and working your way up the ladder, etc. The current generation is not willing to play by the rules. They want everything given to them for free on a silver platter! They want to be the CEO right out of high school! They are destroying America!

  6. Baby boomers blamed for everything? Really? If we're gonna build a wall on our southern border I think we can admit the Mexican illegals are part of the problem too. And the liberals, the Russians, NATO, college professors, Homo's, the unemployed, the Rich, cops, Obama, Bush, Trump, teachers, bible thumpers and Environmentalists. Pretty much everybody that we don't agree with is to blame for everything. We will all be living in caves soon because we hate each other.