Should baby boomers complain about the economy?


Is it time for baby boomers to stop complaining about interest rates? The RBA thinks so.

Which generation really deserves to complain about the economy?


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  1. The fastest growing homeless demographic are "babyboomer" women. I guess they don't count in that demographic. Babyboomer women didn't have equal pay, we're looked down upon if they sought employment and we're not given the resources for their retirement, this is also true for many Gen X women as well, who will also be on that same homeless wave. Men had the opportunities, not women.

  2. Both generations have/had it tough but it is the current generation that is worse off as baby boomers had the seemingly endless rise in property values and ease of loan applications etc. Some slipped through the net like women 50 plus and it is very hard for them also now. Basically the wealth is being held by boomers at this stage… and now they expect pensions too.!..

  3. Those dudes ..look like they are in their 80's… at least. By the way..interest rates were capped at 13.5% the good old days.. when Keating reformed the economy.. and lifted the cap, they went to 17%.. before tumbling down due to market forces… back to 13.5% when Howard took the reigns and continued to go south ..and here we are today. In other words..BOOMERS did it tough.

  4. So baby bloomers are causing low interest rates. I would have thought that the government's management of the economy including Scomo's religion like faith in a trickle down of funds from his backers (the wealthy) to the wider population was a far bigger impact. But what do I know.

  5. Omg unjustified allegations, baby boomers that have worked their whole lives are now the target! What retirement, they become defacto carers of their elderly parents and now forced to support their adult children with child care and financial support to assist their kids with education and buying their homes. What's left for them to retire with? Please have a look at the average superannuation it's pathetic with only a few years to live off. This has not been well researched and only applies to a small minority. "Uninterrupted" 30 plus years of working 10 hours per day is now discredited. No they have not had it as good as it's assumed.

  6. Boomers sold out Australia, killed the manufacturing sector and milked whatever we had left for all it was worth.
    I know baby boomers studying at University (to keep active) getting the government to pay for their degrees that the never intend to use.
    Spoilt brat Post War Generation had the world handed to them on a silver platter and they f'd it.

  7. Why are these people talking as if superannuation has always been at this current level and investing in the share market has always been the done thing? Being a Gen X, I was way behind the 8 ball because super didn't kick in at any serious level until I was about 30. The small amounts I had got eaten up in fund fees because I worked many sub contracting jobs. Baby boomers were of course even more at a disadvantage in regards to saving for a retirement nest egg and what little they have is returning peanuts unless they want to roll the dice on the share market.

  8. Low ranking american Vietnam baby boomers veterans never had a chance to economically catch up with college or university graduates. There were 59000 American baby boomers killed in the Vietnam war
    The baby boomers you are taking about are those who went to college or university graduates, got them selfs a good life and cared less who fought in the Vietnam war or Afghanistan war. Those are the ones who never lifted a finger to fight against communism or socialism in America. Those college or university graduates are the same ones who snotted us war veterans off. Causing broken American families lives.
    College or university are indoctrination hubs responsible for grooming American students into socialism or communism in America. Nothing is free, somebody has to pay for socialism or communism in America.

  9. They're alot better off than me. I was put on the disability pension, when my kids turned 16, still getting educated, I lost all money for them YET I still have to support them. They don't stop eating etc at a certain age. My parents get double what I do, no kids or rent. Pension each. Straya's gunna be full of homeless people very soon.

  10. We the people have had no say in the distribution of wealth, any era. It is always the rampant mishandling of the peoples money and assets by successive gov't's both sides and the many various interest groups media included that has always been the peoples downfall.

    Watch listen and learn little ones!

    This is the same crap they the media class will spew about you 30 yrs from now!

    Only you're seeing it today, what absolute shit being dribbled here!