Societal Narcissism: Baby Boomers Erasing Generation X



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  1. My mom is a Baby Boomer, she adopted my sister and I (millennials) for a monthly check from the state.

    This is becoming a scary trend. Adopting kids solely for the purpose of collecting extra money.

    The money should go to everyday expenses but usually goes to the narc parent.

  2. I agree with what you say about the societal narcissism that has come from the times of the baby boomer generation's cultural revolution and later economical reaping. Although, I do find that many of the x-gen are selfish, cunning, two faced covert narcissists themselves. I'm on the cusp so for me it stinks on both sides of the fence. As for the millennials, I'm still laughing at the snowflakes when they don't get their sprinkles on top. Narcissism is indeed societal. It is everywhere…

  3. Yep. My dad bought quite a bit of cars and motorcycles before he had kids at the age of 28. He's 67 now. He raced cars, traveled, all on a meager living. He could have bought a house down the shore [we're from Jersey, too] but instead put the money he had into a race car. Baby boomers look at us like we're failures when in reality it's a totally different economy. They know this, but the narcissistic ones just love rubbing it in our faces how much stuff they did and had.

  4. Ollie, "no, no, no, no". at 8:188:30 is sooo spot on.  Btw  do an honest personal video on what caused you to stop smoking. i.e.  I don't mean flimsy reasons like "because it got expensive", or "because I felt it was time".  I'm referring to the real nitty gritty reasons such aa near heart attacks, chronic fatigue, near strokes, lung damage, ED, digestive problems/pain, sleep disorders, skin inflammation, etc. what was the single (or two) most scary aspects that triggered your decision to stop. Thanks.

  5. The elites are ripping us off, what I want to know is why isn't anyone standing up against the insane tuition, rent and other prices?I don't see the Republican party helping us with any of it. Both parties are joined together in economically crushing us.. I don't like both of the main parties and the orange face man, wants us disabled people to go die in the gutter so I do not share your affintiy for him Ollie.

    He already back tracked on NAFTA, and well he put in as many Goldman Sachs people as Hillary. I looked up an old house, my parents owned, in a giant east coast metro, it is now worth 800,000, in 1976 they bought it for 77,000 dollars. One thing I have noticed in the media, it is like Gen X does not exist, and we are now in our 50s. I told someone the other day even if you question some of the battles of the generations, there's good and bad in all generations, why aren't Gen X people getting a voice in media or elsewhere? Even with these elections, we got two 70 year old Baby Boomers who were ultra wealthy.

  6. Sure in the 70s you could pay for a decent life even on minimum wage, now people can't survive. They have kept the wages so low. I am curious why do you support the Republican party when they want us POORER. They are against livable and minimum wages, some of them probably want people paid a dollar fifty an hour. The Democrats abandoned the working class, they are both teamed up to crush us all.

  7. Yeah, my parents bought two houses and had numerous cars all on my dad's mechanic paycheck. They made sure they prepared for old age and are now sitting pretty not struggling. They just bought a new car. They made sure they didn't teach me anything (withholding knowledge) and didn't allow me to get knowledge (very controlled environment), then encouraged me to get a part time job instead of going to college. They hand picked a psychopath for me to marry who was a deadbeat so they could talk us into moving in with them because I was basically starving. Husband readily agreed. Every time I would try to get out of debt or save for the futurer or get out of their house it would get sabotaged by my parents and husband. Now they have the gall to ask me why I can't support myself on what I make. They throw it in my face about how they were able to raise two kids and own a home and cars and afford health/dental/vision insurance on my dad's paycheck with my mom being a homemaker and ask why I am not able to do the same with two paychecks coming in. I try to explain the high cost of goods in comparison to the amount that is brought home and also how a large amount is taken out of your paycheck for insurance and taxes and what's left isn't much and they scoff at me like they don't believe me. They know what they are doing to people and then act shocked when you punish them for it by going no contact. Smh…

  8. A few years ago, on a different message board, there was a fucking boomer (retired IRS, of all things – LOL!) getting after generation X (of which I'm a card-carrying member of as well) for being "lazy" and "not capable of saving money like I have".

    Below is my response to the arrogant asshole (boomer user name is "69coronet"):

    "I've yet to meet a boomer who's been fiscally responsible without having someone else watch out for his/her stash (I think Big M may be the lone exception, but he's not old enough for the boomers I'm referring to).

    I also know enough to thank bra burning feminazi's in addition to Roe vs. Wade for making a LOT less of my generation to help pay for boomers who saw fit to raid the till beforehand to feather their nests plenty with our money via fat pensions and such.

    Oh, how I love being lectured on "getting a job" and "saving your money" by boomers who've had the incredible luck of growing up utterly spoiled during this nation's most prosperous era and have been glad-handed into every job they ever held since high school – when eployees had the option of getting locked into a comfy company job for 30+ years at a stretch.

    69coronet, I truly am happy that you're able to retire on a nest egg – something, as Chaney pointed out above, I will never have the chance to do."

  9. Gen X time to end voodoo economics the policy boomers ( Dems and GOP) voted in to get tax breaks in the 80s and destroyed the middle class. Also they outsourced our good paying union manufacturing jobs, and middle class wages are stagnant. Ross Perot warned us in 1992 about NAFTA, and told boomers they were spending their children's money.

  10. THANK YOU for this video, you are describing my shit-ass life. GenX here 40-something, annihilated by my super-wealthy baby boomer narc. parents who love to teach me a lesson so they can look like great upstanding parents who don't enable their kids, me who suffered decades of financial & psychological abuse. These motherfuckers will outlive me and run out any inheritance due me. Lost my job, my home, stuck with them again, who love to gloat and pretend it's too much to help me pay for basic necessities while these criminals are fucking ROLLING in dough, they haven't worked in decades, are healthy as horses but I have to work like a fucking dog with no savings and several medical conditions. Baby Boomers esp. the narcs are PIECES OF SHIT and I can't wait til mine rot in hell for pretending they care about my wellbeing while I stressed about money the past 2.5 decades and they haven't worked since almost my age. FUCK YOU NARCS WHO BREEDED ME. Sorry about my cursing but I am particularly triggered by this subject since their financial abuse of me has wreaked havoc on every second of my life. Today narc. mother joked that I was a 'wanderer' … yep, losing homes/jobs sure makes me one, thanks for the CPTSD that caused my 'wandering' ways mommy, while you sit pretty on narc dad's big bucks!

  11. I can't be mad at MY parents. I had a pretty decent childhood, and from what my dad has been telling me, I'm starting to realize that grandpa was a narcissistic dick to him (the youngest brother). My parents worked hard to give my sisters and I a good life. Dad spread fertilizer for farmers to get out of the family business, and he said it was so very lonely, and the spray nozzles would clog up, and farmers were so damned picky…I really can't include my folks with the baby boomers in this case… in fact, I can see no less nebulous a monolith when trying to share Ollie's frustrations about baby boomers. I'm trying, though. Personality disorders know no generation

  12. Baby boomers, were a generation post war situation. Lot of the younger generation died in the war, so those left., were there to rebuild society. In any country war has destructive consequences, then come the rebuilding and the jobs that comes with it. Lot of the war generation was wiped by the war, so more jobs, more construction more money. The baby boomers were just at the right place and the right moment in history. Nothing to do with them but mostly around them, baby boomers were just recipient of international conflicts, some perhaps died on the conflict and the survivors and their children were just recipient of a society that needed rebuilding. If by baby boomers you mean the elite, they are not baby boomers, they have been at it for thousand of years. They slaughter when it suit them, they send the sheep to wars when it suit them, sign peace when it suit them.

  13. you nailed it in one video here Ollie, I always felt like there was something unfair about the way the system has worked I have always felt invisible and just couldn't put it into words or I was made to feel lazy and like I I could never get by like my baby boomer parents did. you have just said what I was trying to say thankyou thankyou, I'm not going crazy. your good Ollie at seeing through the bull shit. keep on with this channel I have not seen or heard anyone else speak out about these things.xx

  14. aarp will be biased , of course they will claim gen x should do more for baby boomers. my parents are baby boomers yet could not afford a house in the 80s. both my parents worked and my father didn't have a bad job. i think there is a difference between well to do narcissistic families and ones in poverty

  15. Hi Ollie, I'm a baby boomer, own a chihuahua, and am an only child. I can only imagine what you'd assume about me. lol. Yes, I had benefits growing up but I was not loved unconditionally by my narc mother and have spent the bulk of my life poor and alone. But that's not what I want to talk about. You talked about the different generations and how they are effecting each other. So, I want to point out that each generation is effected by their place in the cycle of history. There is a book called "The Fourth Turning-An American Prophecy" by William Strauss and Neil Howe which goes into this in depth. I think you'd find it very interesting, and I think you are intelligent enough to understand it because it is not a light read.

  16. As far as I know the prices sky rockets as soon as the government "helps out the economy". The government needs to stop stealing our money stating that their using it on a worthy cause. Yeah right! Sticking it in their own pocket or giving it away to a foreign government. Then we got corporations and people who live off the government. Has anybody considered whether paying taxes is really necessary. Really the United States survived in the past without taxes. Its something to look into.

  17. Its so sick, back 20 years ago a person working as a cleaner, as the single income earner, was able to pay off a modest house in Sydney. Today, an engineer has no chance! It is absolutely disgusting…..people no longer can LIVE…they must be slaves….this is what is happening…99.99% of the population will eventually be the poor class. Seriously, for kids these days: there is no point going to school/university and there is no point in working in a job. Whatever they earn is inadequate be default.

    I am serious, we are on the brink of a global meltdown and a mega recession. The current scenario will eventually result in mass numbers of the population dying off from poverty and starvation. Students enrolled at university right now, where the fuck are they gonna live and what job will they do? I will not be surprised if universities will soon become ghost towns. No one wants student debts for some useless piece of paper called a degree. Think about it like this…if engineers today struggle to pay off a modest house..then what chance does a cleaner have? Perhaps these cleaners will become extinct and the world will start to become so dirty and filthy since no one can afford to work as a cleaner. Offices will start becoming infested with pests, garbage bins will be overflowing and toilets will be so smelly and disease ridden. The fact that the population is growing, wages are not increasing enough and new jobs are not opening at a sufficient rate, will ultimately lead to an increase in crime, violence and hostility. Looting, neighbourhood gangs….so sick. We are at a tipping point and life can no longer exist in such a toxic environment.

    When less and less people work as engineers, cleaners etc, the world will crumble.