Special Message for Baby Boomer & Gen X eBay Sellers


Hey Boomers and Gen Xers! This message is for YOU – because you are wise and have life experiences to help you succeed in this business. Shift the focus to what you already know – and you win!

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  1. Great video Susan i am at the end of the boomers, this is all true and makes you really think because the Millennials are so busy with all their gadgets and things like that and I'm you know they're just a different generation thinks differently so selling to the boomer and genx is all good because i sell vintage items that they grew up with in love like myself great info appreciate it thank you for sharing

  2. Wow!! Thanks Suzanne that was a great video. I will be thinking differently when I look for stuff at thrift stores & garage sales. I didn't realize about all this stuff but it really makes sense. I was born in 1969 so I'm a Gen X'er, started on eBay in 1999 so people like us know how it was in the beginning & have learned to change with the times too.

  3. I am a Boomer and Love Love my iPad. I do so much research on all sorts of topics to improve my life. Who wants to sit at a desk and read? Blech! It feels so yesterday. I’m on my second one now and rarely watch TV because there is massive amounts of quality content available using a tablet. Android for me is not so great so I guess Ill always be an Apple girl.

    I do most of my eBay listing etc on the iPad bc it makes quick work of what I list and I can list anywhere. Picture taking functionality and uploading is awesome. If I take pictures and measurements I can sit anywhere I am just waiting or even on the road for that matter. I absolutely despise listing eBay items on a computer. Its so painful to waste time waiting and is soo tedious. It always has been for me. I list the same type of item only in different sizes and colors so I can list pretty fast. The weight is mostly always the same too. The computer listing method is still such a dog when loading pictures. When on earth will eBay get with it in that department? Ebay recently made some changes to their app that makes it LESS functional which I hate but hey, there are plenty of other platforms out there that are easier than eBay to sell all sorts of things now. I love eBay but they can be such dinosaurs. They need to inject some fun into listing! Great topic by the way!!

  4. Gen X, born under Nixon, had a child kinda late, she’s 7. My mom is tail end of the greatest generation, she loves her iPad but refuses to shop on line! I don’t shop much but I do so mainly on line, primarily because I have some physical issues and can’t stand crowds.

  5. Great encouragement video! I'm a baby boomer. Also one caveat though with the baby boomers and up is heathcare. The cost of out of pocket medical expenses is so expensive now with most insurances or no insurance that I think that needs to be in the cost analysis. I worked 30 years in the medical field and never seen so much in the past 10 years of baby boomers losing money even losing their retirement over even one medical condition. I do think that baby boomers shop for different kinds of products and are well represented on ebay. Healthcare costs out of pocket though is changing descretionary spending a great deal for everyone. This is another reason you see people working longer.

  6. Stellar Awesome Video! I’m so glad you did this for I have so much Vintage Clothing from the 60-70’s it’s unreal. I tell my mom all the time don’t worry about your 3 kids-Spend your $$$ and be happy for you worked hard for it. Now the other 2 are only after her $$$; which is sad very sad that they are so selfish being that she raised 3 kids in Ft Laud in the early 70’s and worked 3 jobs to do it. So I’m the early GenX’er I was just asking my mom last week what am I Gen X or Baby Boomer-you just confirmed it. Now I have a better idea of what to list. All my moms Vintage and all the clothes we have saved over the years because we fluctuate in weight. And my gram had tons of High Quality Clothing. Fur coats and the like. I’m just so afraid to list them. Need to quit being afraid and just do it. You’ll always be my Rockstar! Sending love hugs prayers from one reseller friend to a very Knowledgeable Reseller friend(You). Take care and stay safe. Very informative and learned so much just from this Video you rock.🤩

  7. This is a great video! I am a boomer and I love the fact that you brought out the fact that I don't need to know all the new stuff. I don't. And I learned not to try and market to them – I found that I love buying vintage stuff and reselling it. So boomer to boomer!! I wish you could convince Ebay to direct some of their instructions to us. You should work for Ebay. But I have to say that I follow some young sellers but they seem to have old souls and they love the vintage stuff and they are buying and selling it as well, and learning from us. THANK YOU. (by the way I am a fellow Georgian – but down in Columbus GA next to Ft. Benning) at least until I retire. Then, hopefully, up towards Douglasville but my favorite town is Dallas, GA!

  8. As a Baby Boomer, I shop online for my clothes. I have an iPhone, iPad, and computer and I couldn't live without my computer (well, I could, but, choose not to;-) I am now using my phone, more that my iPad, which, surprises me. I have 3 grandsons and couldn't even attempt to buy and sell clothing for that age group. There is like an "underground market" that they buy from and I don't recognize the brand names. I love selling to people my own age!

  9. Hi,
    I'm a boomer, my first computer was a vic-20, I prefer desk top computers because I have wide fingers.
    I have been interested in computers and tech since the late 70s early 80s, I'm 67 and learning 3d digital art to put on my own print on demand items.
    Thank you for the information.

  10. As a baby boomer, I have literal tons of stuff I can sell. Plus, I have shopped estate sales, thrift shops, yard sales, etc., forever, and I have a good eye and knowledge of a lot of vintage things. I would like to sell most of this "stuff". I have one child, and she doesn't care anything about it. Plus, I have a very expensive hobby….horses. I could use the extra money. The only thing holding me back right now, we have this place for sale, and hope to sell and move soon. I watch all of your videos, and am on your FB page….trying to absorb all I can. It is a little overwhelming. I have been on ebay as a buyer since 1999! I have never listed anything for sale though.