Study: 17 Percent Of Black Baby Boomers Are Homeless At Some Point


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  1. Low rental Housing. They have got to be careful of whom they are allowing to build own,and be the administrator of theses facilities. Because what I've seen going on is that lots of Black DOS are at a disadvantage of getting a place in theses buildings. They having to compete with illegals immagrants,and people given on the side funds to be able to be next in line for and apartment.(favoritism). It is not morally right nor is it legal. Something major have got to be done about this matter urgently………

  2. This is where these black churches and pastors need to be mainly envloved, if they soo truly are followers of Christ, in which he cared for the homeless and orphan children.

    We all know that this is a pipe dream, due to the fact that these so-called buckdancing toetapping sambo pastors have to maintain their $60million airplanes, a couple of rolls Royces, big lavish homes and mega churches.

  3. A lot of these people do not learn from their mistakes and they expect their kids or other family members to bail them out. I see this with a lot of my family. Most of these people never accumulate any savings or emergency funds throughout their lifetime. Also, keeping up with the Jones has bankrupted a lot of the baby boomers.

  4. All other races are so obsessed with the black race, and the fact that they could never steal all black characters, so they discriminate in all areas of life. Most other races are so miserable, that they have focused on black people all their lives.

  5. Drugs, mental health, bad spending habits and sometimes people fall on hard times. You have the prison factor too. Very few jobs are hiring ex cons. If you don't want to be homeless than live within your means and have a rainy day fund that support your living expenses for up to a year at the bare minimal.

    Save a dollar day and you will have $365 at the end of the year
    Save $3 = $1,095
    Save $5 = $,1825
    Save $10 = $3,650
    Save $20 = $7,300
    Save $30 = $10,950
    Save $50 = $18,250
    Save $100 = $36,500

  6. The SELF DECEPTION in thinking that Nation and Ethnic Groups cared 4 the preservation of the Dos, AA Black Negro! They primary wanted to Surplant AAs and steal rights and privileges belonging ONLY 2 the AA and not them. AA rights are not their rights!!! So what they color like em but they collectively are W.S Coons 4 the Whiteman Against NEGROS!!!

  7. I already know this has been going on for so long even sometime the readings take so long because it's probably more than that they don't never give you the correct reads when it kind of people of color have I ever told you how many innocent black men have been put in prison velvet tell you how many black men have been Frosty accused have I ever told you the numbers a black men they've been fussy accused imprisoned by white women white people that lied on them have you been exonerated some I'm still in do you know what happens when a man never been to jail and it be across the accused have you ever noticed they always find them not guilty now it has a mind of a critical I want you to do me a favor look up all of the White young men that rape women and get away with it look at the cases and see what they say it would not fair them right in prison because they know what the prison system would do to them and how they will come out to be but they quickly to sew a innocent black man in there they know what it does and they know what's going to happen to him don't you see they just throw the blind man in prison under those circumstances Christmas do not like guys that come in raping people could have going to get you and the guards make that known all of those sex predators in there with your ass and the guards going to turn their heads a lot of black young men that went in jail have never done no crime been put in their Frosty accused why you think these young black men come out gay they come out with a Criminal Mind because in there they had to fight to live now you're a different person that's why they don't send while he's in there again probation or someone don't even go to jail they go to some kind of health program

  8. We have no sense of community and we learned it from white people. I almost never see homeless Asians or Indians, their people will take them in or they will live with their parents until they're 30. It's only White and Black people who are homeless.