The Baby Boomer Generation and What Makes Them Tick


The baby boomer generation is the cohort of babies born between 1946 and 1964. This is the term used in several countries due to the boom in births after WWII. There were 75.8 million babies born during this period in the US. Now the boomers born between '46 and '54 are called generation X, and the ones born from '55 to '64 are generation Y. In 2010 Baby boomers will be turning 46 to 64 years of age.

Due to the environment baby boomers grow up under which includes:

o Men and women returning home from a horrendous war.
o Countries in recovery from the depletion and destruction.
o Countries experiencing affluence for the first time in years.
o Events that influenced a dynamic social change from, the music, civil rights movements, to the Viet Nam war.
o Personal freedoms not previously experienced, sexual, interracial marriage, educational ……
This generation has been identified with some specific characteristics: Such as:
o In general, baby boomers are associated with a rejection or redefinition of traditional values. For example the role of women in society.
o In Europe and North America boomers are broadly associated with privilege, as many grow up in a time of affluence.
o They tend to be healthier, and wealthier than the previous generations to that time.
o Feeling that the conditions and situations in the world would improve and participate in activities to bring that about.
o Attaining higher education levels.

One Caveat:

Generation X and Y display different characteristics:

o Vietnam group members, the oldest group, were classified as Hippies during their youth. They fought against the Vietnam war and for civil and women's rights.
o The "me" group members, the younger group, were classified as Yuppies in their youth. They grow up without war in a time of economic prosperity, and most prospered as young professionals.

If you are a baby boomer you know you are, but you may not have known the details. If you are not a baby boomer just know they have a big impact on your life. The implications of the impact from the baby boomer generation are immense for Entrepreneurs.

Thank you and have a bomin 'biz day.

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