The Baby Boomers – Millennial Woes


The Baby Boomers abrogated their duty to safeguard and pass on a civilisation to their children, and they’re seemingly unable even to recognise their own culpability…

Excerpts used from:

The Vengeance of the Baby Boomers –

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Eastminster by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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  1. A relative of mine explained that, being born on a nuclear precipice, the Baby Boomers despised their parents for getting them into that situation. Also, they thought they could safely ignore the need for the true faith because they were entering an era of growing prosperity with a social safety net to catch them when they fell.

  2. Millennials must either infiltrate or reject the society which has been made (or rather destroyed) about them. Boomers are responsible, but they were born after the two great treacherous wars which physically ruined and drained Europe. The generations that got us into those enervating events are as much if not more responsible for our situation than the boomers, as Reactionary Expat rightly points out.

    There are race traitors in all generations. The small minority who led our great grandfathers into the abbatoir of world war, were race traitors. The highly vocal movements of the boomer generation, were race traitors. Current year SJW's, are overt race traitors.

  3. Boomers still inhabit the 1960s, when white hegemony was still a thing. I don't think they fully comprehend the degree to which the global white population has been shrunk over only a few decades. From around 30% at late as 1970 (its historical norm of the last millenia or so) to little more than 10% today.

    It's difficult to convince them otherwise, because, lets face it, most boomers do still occupy a privileged position. The biggest homes in the best areas, good pensions, and careers that ended on a high. Sure, it hasnt panned out for all of them, but most seem to while away their days on cruises, drinking and completely oblivious to the demographic shifts that have all but destoyed the future of whites as anything other than a minority to be abused and kept out of positions of power.

    Even 'anti white' president Obama…well Obamacare forced the young to pay for the healthcare of the old like never before. Obama was good to the boomers.