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  1. I think the baby boomer down sizing pain will grow in years to come. My Grandad only just sold the big house and he's 80. Today's baby boomer are 53-73 years old and so the baby boomers selling out is only going to increase over the next 25 years. That's a long time and a lot of constant stock coming!

  2. The accepted "wisdom" that teaches people to actually believe there is such a thing as a "generation" is simply an example of how we are all being influenced, and not in our interests.
    Think about it: each day, babies are born, and oldies are dying off. Think about the differences just between schoolmates of the same age, and the same locality. There are many huge variations between them, as those who have attended old school reunions will attest. Some went on to become mega successful, some dropped out altogether, and most were somewhere between the two extremes. No "magic" happens every 25 years, to mark one age group from another.

    Joe, to snipe at people now in their senior years as having all been on LSD or other drugs is simply not true, but it is what we have been conned by media into believing. For example, the inner London social set may have been off their heads on drugs, but the mass of the population during the late 1950's-1960's was dealing with grinding poverty and crumbling infrastructure, courtesy of the war and decades of neglect.

    The really significant year was 1953. The year of the birth of Television. It has been that Orwellian box in the corner that has seeped insidiously into our lives, and has been used to manipulate, brainwash and desensitise us ever since, all hidden under the guise of "entertainment'.

    Joe mentioned Woodstock. Yes, the hippy movement and the peaceniks made the headlines, they were on all TV channels, but the vast silent majority considered them to be long-haired yobs who rarely washed and could barely get a job. But that view didn't make the news.

    To see why we find ourselves in the current fiat-based corporate-fascist central-bank dominated debt bomb, look no further than the propagandists' favourite tool, the TV.

  3. He debt bomb worldwide is primed. Govts are culpable for keeping the population economically ignorant and therefore unable to recognise financial danger.
    What economic / financial schooling did baby boomers get? Bookkeeping 1.01 for girls!
    This next world debt expungement event is inevitable and the opposite side of the ledger is wealth, which has to disappear.

  4. Negative Gearing is engineered financial suicide. I know many boomers with two to five ‘investment properties’ who were congratulating themselves on their investment savvy only a few years ago.Now they are crapping themselves. Having forced young people out of the housing market THEN adding insult to injury by getting them to pay their negatively geared portfolio through high rent, there is a LOT of anger amongst millennials.
    For our child the only option is to allow her to live rent free so she can save as much as possible and wait until the market goes full retard.
    Who encouraged this madness ? THE BANKS.

  5. I thought the conventional wisdom, taught at property seminars, was to buy five houses and sell one when you retire. You quench the debt and live from inflation adjusted rent while passing a sizable inheritance to your kids. I personally know one boomer who followed that prescription in Auckland. Yeah he's probably got 400K of debt but he's sitting on 4.5 million of property easy. The debt is only dangerous if there's little equity.

  6. I hope the housing market collapses, it's a disgrace what has been done here in NZ, our beautiful country being destroyed through mass third world immigration to inflate housing prices and lower wages, The NZ European people and their beautiful culture is being damaged because of this. shame on Winston Peters and Labour, they campaigned on lowering immigration numbers and yet nothing has changed and we all know National are no better. We need a real culture change among NZ Europeans.

  7. The west is in this financial stalemate indirectly from the baby boomers by way of fear of the retirement bubble.
    The answer to that is to import a population, which they started in the late 90s. When you pour the population of Tasmania in to a small country several times over a decade, demand, prices, the economy and eventually superannuation funds boom. But poor banking regulations has caused this levels of debt.

  8. It's mainly a snowflakes and big government problem. They want life on a silver platter. Boomers have been so successful – the PROPER use of debt is the most important priority. And add hard work and sacrifice then you have a winner.
    Oh well the blame game goes on.
    As you said Martin is a debt problem. And is you pointed out the boomers are only a part of the problem.

  9. Deflation is bad for the rich. So they will not let a recession happen next time. It is possible that house prices will keep going up and up as governments print their way out of trouble.
    I am not saying house prices won't crash, they might. But there is also the possibility of inflation. The destruction of paper currency in which case one should own at least some gold and silver.