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  1. HAHAHA!!! He supposedly went to military school for 8 yrs, and college for 3 semesters, and can't spell for shit.. Can't spell Florida, the state he's lived in forever.. Looks like foreign folks that don't know the English language made this up.. HMMMMMM!! Who could that be????

  2. Is anyone here familiar with Twilight Language?

    It was pointed out that Cesar Sayoc is an anagram for Accessory . Someone else pointed but there's a missing "A". It could be added in as "Accessory A", or, if he actually spells his name as Caesar, it's a perfect fit.

    This puts this incident into the realm of psy ops/black ops. Twilight Language is used for "those in the know". It's not meant for the dreaming public to see or understand.