The Global Economic Crisis 2009 – The Baby Boomer Generation Can Benefit


The current economic crisis has placed baby boomers in a real dilemma. But many are finding success by joining an internet home based business opportunity.

Some boomers have lost their jobs. Others are feeling insecure in their jobs but are still employed. They are counting on a significant improvement in the economy so their companies can reach a level of financial stability. There are many others who are simply not happy with their job and want out.

They don't like working for a boss. They are sick of their daily commute. They are upset having only 2-3 weeks of vacation each year and being expected to work the other 49-50 weeks. They are looking for more control of their lives.

During my corporate career, there was another thing that really upset me. I feel that I missed a lot of my children's school activities while they were growing up. So when there was an important school play or musical or fair, I asked my boss for a couple of hours off so I could attend. Most of the time, he gave me a "this is the end of the world" response. I wasn't happy about that. You have probably experienced the same thing.

So many baby boomers have been hurt by the global economic crisis 2009. For many, retirement savings have been slashed. Their investment portfolio has been hammered. Many relied on the equity in their homes to downsize and live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, the fall in housing prices has negatively impacted the money they had planned for retirement.

I read many articles about how the baby boomer generation has been seriously hurt by the current economic crisis. Yes, some have been hurt, but I believe that they will rebound strongly.

I personally feel that the baby boomer generation will recover. I feel that I am qualified to give my opinion since I am slightly older than this generation.

I know many baby boomers. I feel that they are smart. Many are well educated. They are aggressive, willing to take risks, and creative. Many of these people have had successful careers. They are basically "giving" people. They seem to always be willing to help people. All of these characteristics will help them succeed during and after the global economic crisis 2009.

Many will go after other jobs that they find more satisfying. Others will take a risk and switch into other vocations.

Many join an internet home based business opportunity. The average baby boomer possesses qualities that will help them have success in this type of business.

The baby boomer has the life experience of living through other serious economic downturns. They can lead people from younger generations through the global economic crisis 2009.

I heard a presentation by Erica Combs a few months ago. Erica is the wife of Jeffrey Combs, a motivational speaker, a coach, and an entrepreneur.

Erica made a statement that I though was very powerful. What she said has really stuck with me. I will only paraphrase her comments since I don't recall her exact words. She said that we all have lived through some negative experiences in our lives. Too many of us let those experiences bog us down. They prevent us from living positive, giving lives.

Then Erica added a statement that I thought was very important for each of us.

She said that our past (both positive and negative experiences) have brought us to our current situation. These experiences allow us to write a beautiful story from this point forward in our lives. What is Erica saying? For me, it says that you should not allow negative experiences in the past hold you back. You may have lost your job. You may be feeling insecure in your current employment situation.

You may have had other negative situations in your life. But those negative things have provided you with the life experiences that will help you live a powerful life from this day forward. This is why I feel that baby boomers are in such a perfect position to succeed in an internet home based business opportunity.

It gives you the opportunity to help people. You have the potential to create unlimited income. You are no longer working for someone else. You run your own business. It allows you, the baby boomer, to determine your life purpose and how to live out this purpose. I personally feel that this is what life is all about.

Starting a successful internet home based business opportunity is not always easy. You must get excellent internet marketing training. You must work hard. You must be determined and persevere. But the good thing is that most baby boomers possess these qualities.

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