The Great Baby Boomer Deception, Truth of Generation X


Lessons for Idiot Millennials who are the Baby Boomers

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  1. I know some pretty mean baby boomers that treat me so so good! My in laws are as “rich guy” as it gets! They are not fabulously wealthy….but well off. They live in the nice part of town here. We live in the hood here. They hate that we live here and hate coming over!! Haha!
    But I happened to punch Kimi’s ex husband inside out about 3 days before I met them. They knew I was there to protect Kimi and her girls. They are so so nice to me!!!! There are pics of me in their family gallery, they hook it up at Christmas and my birthday!!!! They are just cool as fuck as they are total assholes! Hahahaha!! I love them

  2. It has been so “romanticized” that I can’t tell if the 50s was super awesome or not sometimes!!! Hahaha! There was some dark shit happening too!! The 50s seem too good to be true! But I hear way more nice things from the old timers than horror stories for damned sure. I can’t even imagine being born in 1945 and seeing where we are now!!! The 80s seem like centuries ago!!!! Hahaha!!
    I’m in love with this video so far

  3. I’d like to hit on how the boomers destroyed things a little more. My family is from Compton. It used to be the ultimate in suburban utopias!!!!
    I see the guilt part and even how some old timers wished they had partied a bit more, haha! My Dad was like,,,,,”Go be an awesome rocker and see the world…..fuck work”….. as he is the hardest working dude I know