The Intellectual Dark Web Is For Baby Boomers | Ilhan Omar


The Intellectual Dark Web or “IDW” has reached great fame and notoriety for their supposed bravery. Figures like Ilhan Omar make it very clear that they don’t have any. They just make baby boomer men happy. #IntellectualDarkWeb #IlhanOmar #IDW

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The Intellectual Dark Web’s big coming out party was in the pages of the New York Times. It can be found here.
“Meet the Renegades Of The Intellectual Dark Web”

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  1. ben Shapiro: what's that ?? you don't want tens of thousands of people to die every year due to lack of healthcare and hundreds
    of thousands to go bankrupt from not having healthcare? well, VENEZUELA !!!! GET REKT LIBTARD !!

    also ben Shapiro: are… are you criticizing Israeli foreign policy ?? THE AUDACITY !!! THE HORROR !!! THE NIGHTMARE!!! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PUT ME AND MY FAMILY AND CHILDREN IN CAMPS YOU WRETCHED JEW HATING CURR !!!!!!

  2. Great analysis, as usual, but there is a point I can't fully agree upon: unfortunately the intellectual dark web isn't just pandering to baby boomers. From what I've noticed from my friends group, but also in a more general manner, there is an increasingly rising number of people, mostly young men in their 20s, that adhere to their ideology. Maybe because they find its anti-establishment branding sexy, maybe because they enjoy the high-testosterone agressivity they spew, beats me..

  3. I've often found people who criticize the 'left spectrum' for taking offense are just as much offense takers when it comes to issues they are sensitive to. I suppose both 'wings' are equally shit in that regard. With the Ilhan Omar story, it's like the intellectual offense taker debate is on the reverse now.

  4. Success isn't about fame, fortune, or how many ignorant and willfully stupid people follow you. Success is when you have enlightened principles w/common moral fabric, that lifts others to soul search & grow. The form of success of the people disused here. Is one lying to one's self and placing a grave dangerous assault on one's self and the collective whole. Ilhan is a clear thinking soldier of proggression, evolution, and defense of true good of all. I weep that she apologised for telling the TRUTH. She was right for her conclusion, but wrong for her apology for her true statements.

  5. Putting Ben Shapiro(an idiot), Jordan Peterson(a hypoctire), Sam Harris(a man i haven't heard of apart from name, so i am not going to judge him), (And my favorite less famous thinkers) CosmicSkeptic, Genetically Modified Skeptic, Jimmy Snow and MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DarkMatter2525 on the same scale is, in my opinion, going to lead many people to wrong conclusions. My favorites' arguments are based entirely on logic and reasoning and i highly recommend them to anyone from any age. Besides, i don't think the muslim lady apologized, because she was feeling guilty since there is no proof. However, saying to the public she is sorry has a reward – the public approval.

  6. Also, what gives you the impression that the IDW primarily consist of people over 60? I would say if you did a demographic analysis of Jordan Peterson’s and Sam Harris subscribers, by and large, they are under 35. This doesn’t seem very fact driven.

    Again, I would disagree with your assessment about how they are always punching down. Social media censorship, University biases (especially in the social sciences), and a left leaning media certainly constitute fairly sizable entities. Self admittedly, you don’t seem to watch a lot of the content put out by a lot of these people. Maybe you would have a less disingenuous take if you did.

  7. I never could understand why you have so little subscription when your one of the best people out there, maybe you should join TYT, as a Conservative on show, and try to build up your own show from there, you probably know more than all the people in TYT and the MSM combined

  8. I do like you content, but I think the IDW does have a lot to offer. The conversation would be a lot more one sided if people like Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and etc weren’t around. Joe Rogan, If you actually hear him on the issues, isn’t a conservative by any stretch. That’s what’s so fucked up about the conversation. By simply being willing to have a conversation with these people, you’re labeled as “right wing subversive” by pretty much the entire media apparatus. The 2 things that could possibly be construed to indicate Joe Rogan is in any way right leaning are:

    1.) His views on the second amendment.

    2.) He thinks trans women shouldn’t be allowed to participate in competitive sports due to inherent physical advantages even with hormone therapy. Especially in contact sports.

    Again, I think you’re coming at this from a place of ignorance based on what others have told you and hit pieces you’ve read on these people and not the people themselves.

  9. The Intellectual Dark Web likes to point out what is wrong with our society. They all against any change and they don't present any solution. In fact, most of them tell you there are no solutions, just do nothing. Even Jordan Peterson, his psychoanalysis of individuals is dead on. But his solutions, are either lacking or comes from a bible from middle ages.
    We all know what is wrong. We want viable, workable solutions.

  10. these IDW guys are for Gen Z, not baby boomers. the MSM is only covering them because they're popular. To say that Ben Shapiro's main demographic isn't edgy teenagers reacting to the millennials before them, seems uninformed. Your criticisms of these guys are justified though. It's a major reach to include Joe Rogan when having conversation about IDW guys however. He's nothing like the other guys you've mentioned.

  11. Personally, I've found it an enormous learning experience to discover that political correctness and "free speech" aren't absolutes, but arbitrary social constructs designed to create a desired social reality by those at the top of some social hierarchy. This wouldn't be possible without guys like you and the guys you're criticizing expressing your tiny views of the world: it shows we all use identity politics to to some degree to get through life.

  12. Ur so obsessed with YOUR truth that u can't understand the rage in men.. when we hear voices that resonate with our logical beliefs we ally ourselves with them, for as long as the war on our ingroup rages any voices against the msm narrative and politicians will be embraced.

  13. I can learn from anyone who speaks counter to the Kalergi plan.
    We are going from here to there, "evolving", if you will. They want to go left to a DS one-wrld-gvnt and I want to not go there.
    Let's slow down and evolve.

    Any opposition is a welcome voice, even the controlled opposition. Thats what these guys are. Put up like a team playing against the Harlem Globetrotters.
    However, if you put it all together the message is there. Each one is within the parameters of their own thing but a listening person will only be able to swallow what is individually palatable.
    Every issue spoken by the left turns my stomach. My comfort zone is somewhere within the arguments that these guys make.

  14. YOU ARE A JEALOUS AND BITTER LITTLE CREATURE MoF.F. well maybe not that little lol, having extensively listened to all of those mentioned I can safely say that none of them are the absolute paradime of truth and are dealing with demons of their own like the rest of us. It's a take and leave situation were you have to use common sense and make sure you listen to many different points of views as to not imprison yourself in an ideological bubble, no one is completely altruistic in the "information" business and everyone has an angle. I find Tim Pool to be impartial and has a good BS detector like Jimmy Dore.
    I would like to know your opinion on the absolutely disgusting situation with Venezuela, the U.S. the U.N. and their media stooges are outright lying to the world about the situation with that country so that they can repeat the abomination of Iraq and Libya for the same god damn reason?!?!? Jimmy Dore REALLY opened my eyes to the reality of the situation (race war) in that country and it sickens me to see everyone including the so called socialists and leftist walk in lockstep with Trump!!! I'm in the beginning of my fifties and am no socialist by any means but it's up to the people of Venezuela to determine their out government, Jimmy Carter himself said that Venezuelan elections are some the cleanest in the world yet you hear the media and politicians claim they are rigged etc. If Maduro was such a tyrant then why is most of the media in his own country against him, there would be NO dissent in Venezuela if he were the violent strongman the media makes him out to be. My blood runs cold whenever I think of Madeleine Albright saying that half a million dead children due to sanctions in Iraq was worth it to depose Saddam Hussein, the poor people of Venezuela also remember what happened to Libya and Iraq, those high placed criminals at the U.N. and Washington impose crippling sanctions then send aid to help the people RIGHT!!!!

  15. most people are capable of differentiating between the state of isreal and the jewish people.
    attempts to conflate the two, so that any criticism of bad actions by the isreali government are automatically categorized as anti-semetic, will backfire on ordinary jews.

  16. Pretty weak dude. I'm not a big fan of all those guys. But you could have had more clarity on each of them before sorta trying to discredit them. And although not a big fan of Ben Shapiro, you say it's only old men over 60. I know alot of fans in their early thirties. Like I said weak sauce dude.

  17. How scary the IDW must be to some when it provides a platform for the exchange of ideas for the everyone and ask their viewers, especially young people, to think.and question the status quo ..something many University's use to do 40 years ago when I went to college.