The Nightmare Legacy of the Baby-Boomer’s!


The Nightmare Legacy of the Baby-Boomer’s! The Generation that Never Grew-Up! Indulging in the Hedonistic Life style that has brought Society to where it IS today! A Reality WE Must Face in order to Save Future Generation! For Educational Purposes ONLY!

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  1. So true and thank you! I am a baby boomer (who never fully bought into the materialism) and I am disgusted with my peers! I am disgusted with myself in that I bought into the drugs and partying for too long. But I finally woke up and grew up (in that order) and am working hard to make amends and make things right, I just wish more would join me!

  2. My dad and his wife are all about the ching Ching and don’t give a damn about anything until it affects their pockets. I have been trying to tell my dad about the toxins of vaccines and he just doesn’t want to hear it. He believes the media and Drs more than the proof I am bringing him.
    We can only do so much before it’s a waste of time!

  3. I'm generation X, and you 100% described my father to a T. He doesn't care that I have autism and cancer. He got his pension, and that's all that matters. And God FORBID if his grandson interrupts him while he's busy getting wasted in front of the TV while watching that fucking Jimi Hendrix video for the millionth time.

  4. Great video, thank you! I’m Gen X and I can tell you that the very best situation anyone Gen X grew up in is called “Privileged Neglect” …best case scenario. Mine was not so privileged. Life sure isn’t anything that I ever imagined……….

  5. Cindy! You, a Baby-Boomer, Seriously?? You sound so young at heart.. As a Boomer myself, I see so many of us giving up and passing the baton to next generation..Well! The Calvary is not coming over the hill to recuse us..I'm sure the younger generations that follow us, loves this country as much but don't feel the urgency to act now..Some seems to be "Blinded by the Light"..I see some very pro-active young people but not enough..We are Hypnotized, bombarded, and saturated with Mass-media confusion..Our nation have become compliant to the status quo….Thank you Cindy and others like you for being our " Paul Revere"…You are appreciated!

  6. The baby boomers definitely have a part in the destruction of this nation and the bloodshed and dismantling of many other nations since they are ultimately in charge of the govt right now, but this Satanic NWO deception goes much deeper and much further back, starting when the crooked congress allowed the implementation of the federal reserve takeover of the US two days before Christmas in 1913 when the majority of the congress who could've stopped it was on holiday, along with the implementation of the fraudulent unratified 16th amendment IRS scam, followed by the Great Depression that bankrupted America from 1929-1939. The federal reserve has never been audited BTW!! We should be DEMANDING AN AUDIT! Anyways, That was all way before the baby boomers came into the picture. After WW2, the US let many NAZI war criminals off the hook to come to the US via operation paper clip to continue programs like MKUltra, NASA and MANY other deceptive criminal and eugenics programs. These programs and experiments were used by military parents on many of their own children in the US such as the ones who were musicians in Laurel Canyon(SoCal) and ended up being famous musicians who carried on this massive psyop to the masses starting at Woodstock which entrapped the children of the greatest generation….the baby boomers. My parents. Sex, drugs and rock n roll. I was raised by a liberal baby boomer mom who was married 6 times, but that's a different story for a different day. So along with all the LSD being handed out like candy by the CIA and other mind control drugs going on, the previous influence of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who worked with many Nazi's and their kids, along with the influence of the growing toxic influence of the NWO deep state, that allowed for a massive explosion of the "do what thou will" societal behavior which created a sex revolution, promiscuity, porn explosion, pedophilia and many other abominations that weren't seen on that scale at all much in America before the 60's. All of these psyops that were thrown on the baby boomers by the previous military generation ultimately led to the destruction of the family unit, abortion and women's lib which is exactly what the NWO wanted. A self centered, materialistic, overworked generation of broken families who were too busy working unfulfilling jobs to pay for shit they didn't need and staying drunk with lust and fornication to realize that their rights and their country were being stripped right out from underneath them! I call it the hamster wheel. And let's not forget the poor boomer veterans who fought in Vietnam and even later in the Middle East who have been totally shit on by our govt and left to suffer in silence with PTSD and the horrors of what they saw and did in these wars, then realizing they weren't even fighting just wars when they came home and were forgotten about! 25 vets commit suicide a day in America!! Thanks a fuc#in' lot VA!! That is a travesty! Maybe next time you see a vet wearing one of those hats showing the ship or squadron he served on, you might consider shaking his hand and showing a little love! Just sayin'. Many of us have no clue what they've been through or seen and a little compassion goes a long way in this world these days! Soooo….After all that boomer mind control, the nation became easy prey to implement their ultimate NWO end game which they make VERY clear on the Georgia Guidestones. They have had a very long thought out plan to bring down this country for decades and decades. Almost seems like the baby boomers never even had a chance. Not making excuses for them at all, but we all need to understand the part we have played and how we have BEEN played and controlled in the decline of this nation and world. More importantly, all remaining generations from boomers to Z need to wake the hell up NOW and come up against the NWO before they are knocking our doors down in the middle of the night and separating our families, amen?? We're pretty much out of time at this point and if we don't stop blaming each other, which falls right into their Hegelian Dialectic Alinsky trap, we are all DEAD!! These NWO people are demonic and they serve Satan! Plain and simple! Honestly, this fight goes back even beyond WW1 & WW2. It goes back to Eden!! We need the full armor of God and we need it now! According to the Bible, we are about to see some things come upon this earth that will make men's hearts fail them. I choose Jesus Christ and the full armor of God for the coming battle! Thank you for all you do Cindy! Much Love & God Bless! May He have mercy on us all!

  7. You need to go to the deep end of the pool. You put the blame on the hammer when the seat of evil and manipulation of all the masses lie in the spiritual war that is playing out in front of our eyes. Thousands of years of a slow methodical implementation of what we have today. Generations of victims. Don't get me wrong, we as babyboomers need to admit we were complicit in what has occurred. But the fact is the controllers have invested unfathomable resources ( most of which were stolen), from the same victims that we let occur. Think of all the tools and resources, to include withcraft, sorcery, satanism, . These nonhumans have been at war with us since Jesus walked the earth. One of the main ways is by saying whatever the formulated that the masses want to hear and believe, then continue the slow methodical take over and take down of the world. Minus anything or anyone that is a Servant of The Most High. And our King and Savior Jesus. So if you think putting the blame on a certain time span of people is justifiable, then you are not seeing the spiritual battle.

  8. 2 Deleted Comments:  B-rizz           1 hour ago (edited)              ·         Potentially inappropriate       Murikkka & CRAPitalism isn't set up for happiness. It's designed to have it's citizens work themselves to death for shit wages, no healthcare, mountains of debt, all so the oligarchs can live lives of opulence. But just keep shoveling the pursuit of the "american dream" (nightmare) down yer troats SMFH more              Show less                                     ▼           Approve this comment                Remove this comment                Report spam or abuse Hide this user's comments on this channel                                             DeeDee                    2 hours ago                     ·               Potentially inappropriate          It's so hard when you're livin' in the devils playground

  9. It is not a coincidence that this band is named WHO (World Health Organization).
    Just for your information I wanted to pass this guys information along to you so you can pass this information to your listeners
    Everyone needs to know about what their laptops are really designed for – just shocking
    Go check out his other videos about how 5G and the millimeter technology that it will be using actually messes with our oxygen – shocking
    Everyone spread this stuff everywhere
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. You have the wrong generation, baby! How pathetic you are to blame our problems on the "baby boomers" The stupid name "baby boomers" applies to the immediate generation right after World War 2. That would make them in their 70's! Do you really believe that corporations are now in control of people in their 70's?? Do you have some sort of guilt complex because you identify yourself as a baby boomer?? People of this age are more likely to be homeless or on Social Security, which is about the same either way. Why don't you try to put in enough research to blame those who are really to blame- the one percent who control the world's wealth, which results in the rest of us having no power and no values because money has been placed as god?? Oh, I must go now, because I have to go to Congress and make some more laws or maybe to my corporation to head a major meeting to help screw the poor. Meanwhile, I have to hope that I have enough money for my food next week. Oh. but, I love it, because I'm such a pleasure loving Hedonist! Give me a break!!!

  11. What happened? I missed out on all the big bucks, selfishness etc. Really hard for me to relate to this because my life wasn't easy, to say the least. Sorry, doesn't apply. In fact, my kids act more like boomers than I do. We don't run anything. Globalists/Zios/Cultural Marxists/Dual Israeli -USA citizens run our government. We are a foreign controlled country/government. Self indulgent, are you serious? The younger generation wants to get stoned all day, play vid games and complain. I was a single, hard working parent. Now, I live below the poverty line on social security. Zero in on the real perps of the destruction of our country. They're carrying it out just like clockwork. Also, I have grandkids and kids that never come to visit because they're too busy buying Teslas, stuff, and basically just don't care. Plus, they don't like to be around old, poor's too depressing for them. They weren't raised like that.

  12. Yea your rite Cindy them fools are guilty as fuck , dropped the ball they did and they still haven’t got a grip fucking sellout cunts is wot they are , ignorance is bliss untill it happens to you fucking sellout , no balls , no heart , no consciousness mother fuckers , this is creation people you reap wot you sew karmic law. All you stupid stupid order followers yes people fuck all of you

  13. Il tell you the children’s future demise destruction of the all natural environment that supports all life in the physical. Toxic atmosphere ,mass epidemic 😷 ,mass migration of peoples , mass culling ( murder ) of peoples , either through ww3 weather warfare psyop race war civil war starvation Subterranean livening , paying for fresh air and water , no work , machin kingdom lockdown of all humanity eg: Ray Kurzweil singularity, one world government , they all in the cards and a whole lot more besides , wake the fuck up to what’s real NOW

  14. The Baby Boomers were/are used as a TOOL. It was sold to us as children, and our loving parents didn't understand. We were attacked by our own govt, by the social engineers. Thank God I hated the Beatles or I'd have probably been in deeper trouble. And the CIA used LSD to break people, break families, break minds …. so many Baby Boomers are commies and hate freedom.