The Rise Of The Baby Boomers


There's this latest finding that more people have multiple full-time jobs. Operative phrase here is having more than one full-time job. The Today show featured an investment banker at day and an owner of a restaurant where she's also the head chef. Also, there's this high school teacher by day then works as a ramp model by night. There was also this woman working as a full-time journalist and a blogger and a speaker as well. Now, if that's not multitasking in the truest sense of the word, then I don't know what to call it anymore. Well, actually, they are now called baby boomers.

Who is the baby boomer?

A baby boomer is someone perceived to be a free spender and a high-earner at the same time. In short, they seem to be your high-earning workaholics who stashes lots of dough for everything they need and want. One tends to ask if what are they really working for anyway? But as I've come across articles and studies about baby boomers, they're actually not the mindless spender at all, they are just trying to work hard and reward themselves just like any one else. The only difference is they have more to spend.

It's not for the money

We may all think that the main reason of baby boomers for getting a second job is to have enough money to pay the bills and be able to keep something to deposit into our savings account. What struck me more is that they opt for the second or third job is because it's their passion. The other job fulfills the empty space in their lives that the first job does not answer. Another interesting reason about these new breed of baby boomers is that their second jobs make them feel relieved from the stress of their day jobs. We can all say that if you truly love what you're doin ', then stress is non-existent.

The slash phenomenon

More and more people people are labeling their job titles in their calling cards with slashes. Like the one featured at the Today show as the journalist / blogger / speaker. These people just don't want to be limited to a single career for all their lives but want to prove that they want to do all the things they want at the same time, luckily, they get paid to do it, and a high pay that is.l

Wish we can be part of our own world

Being one of the baby boomers, I think makes us feel more connected to ourselves. It's like, living our numerous alter egos all at the same time. This is not bad, actually. It's a dream. And I salute the baby boomers for braving the physical and mental challenges of having multiple full-time jobs. As I've said, wish I can do that as well. So, want to be one of those baby boomers?

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