This Baby Boomer Says Millennials Are Stupid To Marry For Love


This Baby Boomer says you’re ruining your chances for success because you’re looking for love. John and Hannah tell you what this writer has to say will lead millennials to suc Let us know what you think of this article.

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  1. They didn't say you can't love the person you marry, they just recommend not marrying for love alone with no other considerations for both of your situations. Basically just think and plan before you DO. It doesn't mean you can't marry who you love.

  2. Aging baby boomer here (60). I have found that generalizations about any group of people are pretty useless, when it comes down to the individuals in that group. Some younger people are having a harder time now than some people in older generations did when they were young. But I can assure you that some older people also had much harder times when they were young than some younger people are now. Pretty much anyone in the US has it great compared to people in many parts of the world now and almost 100% of the people who lived anywhere if you go back 100 years or more.

    In the end each generation has to fight or those in power will turn them into surfs. Get educated, learn stuff, work hard, form/join unions, engage in politics, fight for what you think is right.

    Regarding marriage – as far as I can tell the switch to marriage for love as the primary reason to get married is relatively new for the human race and isn't the primary reason for marriage in many places in the world yet. The results here in the US are not encouraging, if longevity is the goal. I hope your generation has better luck sorting this out than mine did.

  3. Marriage & having children is so overrated… don't do any of them until you're 50… and NO you don't have to necessary give birth to your own genes… there are plenty children on this planet who need a loving home. Focus on your growth and evolution; go around the world, learn at least 10 different languages, learn to fly airplanes, invent something to help make life easier for others, write books on any subject you know, stay fit and lean, learn any of the marshal arts, fall in love few times, break hearts few times, master at least one of the hard sciences like math-physics-chemistry-biology, change jobs every 5 years, learn to build any thing with your own hands, live in different size houses, live in different class neighborhoods, volunteer overseas, teach the subject you have mastered in your life at your local school, learn to dance…really sexy, play at least one musical instrument, apply for a position at NASA just because, do 69 at least once in your life…for God sake it's not gonna kill you!
    Then marry at 50 and have kids.

  4. No the reason I'm broke is because I work for Walmart and got nowhere by trying to go to college to get degrees because they cost way to much and set way too high of expectations! Classes are too damn hard unless your a freakin' rocket scientist and they dont provide good tutoring to help!