Three of My Best Practical Tips For Baby Boomers


Baby boomers, to really enjoy your "second adult life", you need: health, wealth and passion. Well, that was easy … Just kidding.

Tip # 1 Install "grab-bars" in your home Now! As far as I'm concerned, they bought to be part of the building codes. Even the strongest and most agile young athlete can slip in a bathroom and seriously injure themselves. If nothing else, consider this part of your disability insurance. As we age, preventing problems becomes almost more valuable than solving problems. (If you have a million dollar home and do not think grab-bars go with the bathroom décor, look again. There are now decorative bars for as much as you want to over pay.)

Tip # 2 Put a dollar value on your time. Time is your most valuable asset. Even if you are "retired", your time is definitely not "free". There are only two ways to increase your wealth: spend less or make more. I see a lot of practical ways to save money and try to use as many as possible. However, you could cut your spending to zero, which is not realistic and that is as far as you can go. On the other hand, your income potential has no limit. If you are clipping coupons, changing your own oil, or browsing the Internet looking for a good deal, consider the fact that you could be earning much more than you are saving by spending that time creating new income.

(You should always be increasing your passive income).

Tip # 3 "Annals of Time" This can be fun as well as very useful. Basically list the years of your life and then write the major personal events that happened each year. This can be as simple as a couple of pages or a major project with photos and comments. Practical compromise: Buy a spiral notebook with at least 100 pages. Write the year you were born on the first page and then one year per page after that. Record wedding date, hospital stays, new jobs, big vacations, home purchases and other major events on the appropriate pages. If you are not sure of the year, write it in pencil until you get verification. No matter how good your memory is now, some day you will be asking yourself, "When did I …?"

As much as I do believe in the power of "positive thinking, The Law of Attraction, meditation, gratitude journals, etc." my fifty plus years of experience tells me that the only way people get what they really want is to target it, make a plan and take action. The positive mind energy work may smooth the path and help keep you focused but practical, positive ACTION is what keeps you healthy, puts money in your pocket and gets your dream girl (or guy) walking beside you.

I'm a Capricorn, oldest child, Mr. Fix-It workaholic who should have been from Missouri, the "Show Me" state. So I seek out practical action items to help make my next fifty years, the very best of my life. Many of these are very obvious to most people and yet sometimes the simple ideas are totally overlooked. Some of us are looking for a total overhaul of our lives and others just need a little "tweaking". Of course, none of the tips will help you if you do not use them.

It still amazes me how much a series of small actions can result in massive benefits. We all get energized when our actions have positive results. When you start a big project, you usually do not know exactly what the results will be and that gives you a little stress and uneasiness. If you want to make some major changes in your life:

Here's a bonus tip: CHEAT! Take a small first step where you know exactly what the output will be, save $ 5 today by brown bagging your lunch or skipping the Starbucks visit. Take a small walk around the block or up a flight of stairs. Start thinking about what would really make you want to get out of bed in the morning if you had the time and money to do it.

The second part to this bonus tip triples its effectiveness: Document your success!

Put the $ 5 in a clear plastic or glass jar, start an exercise journal to chart your progress, cut out magazine photos of the hobby or showing the lifestyle that you would like to be living. This is visual proof that you are achieving your goals. By doing the "guaranteed success" steps every day for two weeks, you will have taught your mind that you are a positive, successful person who gets what you want. This makes the next step much easier. You are now eliminating any internal limitations to making the coming years the very best of your life.

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