Truth: Baby Boomers Brought Us This Republican Creep Show


As the old adage goes, the only thing that is certain in this world is Death and Taxes.

So without a substantial number of new, young, voters joining the party, we can all say “bye, bye,” to a conservative reign in government!

Ring of Fire’s Sydney Robinson discusses this.

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  1. If you got rid of the conservatives you'd be down to like one party ? I'm hard left and live in Canada I've never even been to the u.s.. but every time I hear liberals saying they want to get rid of all the conservatives and vice versa it. Let's just say it's enough to make a cat laugh.

  2. We formed the counter culture and laid groundwork for Environmental Movement, Organic grocery stores, modern feminism, and So Much More. Your generation does a google search to learn history and then posts bubble headed videos on YouTube such as this one. AAARRGGGH Bernie Sanders is a Baby Boomer. Who do millennials have to show as a leader who has accomplished anything, Kim Kardashian? Aaarrrgghh

  3. Please learn some history. Baby boomers were out there in the streets demonstrating against the Vietnam War And Voting. Your generation could just as easily turn conservative as they age. Learn Some History before you babble about a generation of people who brought you Civil Rights, Roe V Wade, the Chicago Nine and So Much Else

  4. Indeed, millenniums are overwhelmingly progressive. The next two decades will see a huge political shift where the ideologies of Sanders and Warren will be the norm. Demographics are shifting and no matter how hard the right tries to keep America white and religious, this is not possible. Minorities are now the majority and this will only increase. Our youth has superior morals, fighting for equality and issues such as education and the environment. They are baffled that there are those whose mission is who marries who or the design of a holiday coffee mug rather than racism, women's rights, climate change or the oligarchy we've become. They will not allow us to become a theocratic nation and embrace science. So there is hope for the future IF the right doesn't destroy us in the interim.

  5. This is wishful thinking. Plenty of millennials have bought into the libertarian market fundamentalist religion. More than a few of them will simply reason from that basis and come to conclusions about social issues which aren't so different than the elderly Fox News Baby Boom set that is now dying off. The new Right that emerges will be different than the old, but not as different as progressives are hoping. In some ways it may even be worse.

  6. OK, I'm 64 years old. So, I guess that makes me a Baby Boomer.

    But, I have been a registered Democrat since I was old enough to vote, and I have always voted Democratic, in every election, including the mid-term elections. I'm going to vote for Bernie Sanders. I'm also a Democratic Socialist.

    I voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. I despise the Republican party. They're all just a bunch of retarded drooling slack-jawed morons!

    BERNIE SANDERS 2016!!!

  7. Baby Boomers have demolished the world with their selfishness … Their parents sacrificed themselves in war and hard work … the Baby Boomers grew up spoiled and used their political power to benefit themselves, leaving the next generations to clean up the mess.

  8. The assumption she makes is that Gen-Xers and Millennials will continue to vote left-of-center throughout their lives. Boomers, like every generation, moved to the right … but to be honest they remain a very divided demographic–even as they begin to retire. Hillary and Bernie are boomers. Hillary's rise is being fueled by bitter, resentful ex-hippie boomers turned yuppies and housewives.

  9. As one of the first Boomers and a life long activist, I am greatly disappointed and saddened by the legacy the majority of my generation is leaving behind. They chose the greed and self-interest of the WWII generation over the compassion, peace, equality and justice so many of us had awakened to.