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  1. Humans will never physically devolve from eachother becuase of one simple fact – women regulate testosterone, and unless they take supplements and want to grow giant clits, chest hair, facial hair, lose tits, broad shoulders it will never happen. Oh not to mention they would be sterile or produce some incredibly retarded offspring from the unnatural process of controlling hormones would fuck the DNA. Without estrogen they won't have a cycle to drop eggs – they will "spoil". EWww XD

  2. chemotherapy doesn't work but a good analogy would have been warfare it is brutal, horrific and it should be a tool of absolute last resort, a necessary evil that should never be celebrated.  That is the best analogy for abortion that i can think of.

  3. When a woman celebrates an abortion it's most likely a defence mechanism. She can't come to terms of what she has done yet, so she protects herself by celebrating "empowerment" of whatever bs. I really don't think there is a completely sane person out there who thinks it's a good thing to have happened. Still i think it is a necessary option to have, because those people can not take care of those children. Crime rates in the US went down after abortion came legal. Kids need attention and when they don't get it, they don't turn out as good.

  4. I feel the same way about abortion, it's murder, but how can you not be pro choice.
       We can all agree murder is wrong. So why is killing an enemy attacking your home ok. It seems to me that when two different moralities (countries) are fighting, killing becomes ok, because you are trying to preserve your own morality and rights to resource that further extend the life of your nations morality (a set of rules/codes). If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, her morality and liberty to extend whatever society and her brain wanted for her to create, is now at jeopardy. She now is within grounds to protect her homeland (self). This then could be carried over to teen pregnancy. Through the justification of, a lack of opportunity for a baby that grows up poor and a reduced ability to reach her own goals. However, it is less justifiable. It's a slippery slope that progressively becomes less justifiable. The best way to avoid these moral quandaries Is, to prove to others the necessities of virtues.   

  5. Aaron on this "boomer" thing you are full of shit on some key points. First, President Johnson's "Great Society Program"  and the Vietnam War planted the seeds of our current problem. None of the baby boomers were old enough to vote, when either one was started. It was the "Greatest Generation" which you venerate, that gave us both, they had the power and put the Democrats in office not the baby boomers. Why don't you give us credit for ending the "Cold War" we were the ones working hard at our jobs that created an economy that  buried the Soviet Union. Everyone in this country, in both parties are responsible for our current problems. I like you channel, but get it straight.

  6. On the abortion thing: I think feminists like Steinem are trying to take away the stigma and shame associated with abortion. I am still not 100% sure of my stance on the issue, but generally I agree with your point of view. At the very least abortion should be somewhere on the level of having to put down a family pet. Pro life folks will find this an appalling analogy but for me it fits. Anyone who has had to put down a beloved family pet knows it is a grim and difficult task. Sometimes necessary but certainly nothing to celebrate.

  7. Uh Mister Clarey, I recommend checking your ads. I got one for something called Car Date.
    A program where the most stereotypically shallow and slutty girls tell guys how to get laid, and tacitly admit they are whores while feigning offense at the camera man asking them how many guys they have slept with as if they're some proper ladies
    Honestly, I was listening to this in my car so maybe this is the case but it was very nearly a manosphere parody of female dating advice.

  8. You bring up a really good point Aaron. I'm not religious, but it's pretty sick to listen to these leftists that are giddy when talking about aborting babies. Even if you believe that legalized abortions are a necessary evil, it shouldn't bring joy to any decent human.

  9. The generations following the baby boomers may be worse, but why? The stage was set to influence them to grow up that way. Same for the boomers, same for the "greatest generation," etc. I strongly encourage everybody to read David Stockman's outstanding book, The Great Deformation. (Yes, I'm a boomer, yes I voted "the right way," etc., no I'm not hung up on agism or my generation, I'm just fussy about details.)