VoxDay Darkstream 06.13.2017 Why Everyone Hates Baby Boomers #NABALT


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  1. I am on the cusp of gen X and Y. I totally see how things have changed like this. No one goes outside, I'm from Texas so I guess it depends on what suburbia you are from. There are the occasional hipster communities that encourage playing outside. But as a whole it doesn't happen.

  2. heartbreaking… remember when people weren't sex fiends and latent homicidal maniacs? i pine for the america that was, instead we got ghetto ass tribal bullshit plaguing us… niggers assaulting children and old people alike

  3. My family was smashed by divorce. Mum needed a good slap and told to woman up, she drove away the high earning husband then burnt her childrens happiness on the alter of her own. The suitors after that were all Beta losers and poverty was all she had thereafter. There is a special place in hell for feminist's.

  4. A very boomer comment on the state of society is "well I'm gonna be dead soon so I don't really care what happens next" Have heard this way too many times. It really pisses me off to know they created much of this society and now don't care if it burns. No regard for their children's children's children. They never had to fight for anything. Their parents did that for them.
    Amazing how similar my gen x upbringing was to Vox.

  5. I am the same age as Vox and what I remember about divorce was that up until I was about 11, nearly every kid I knew had a mother and father and the mother stayed home. This was the backbone of the community. All the mothers knew each other and visited each other and talked on the phone and the neighborhood was very much a community. Then, after 1980, 81, one by one my friends started not having fathers and our mothers all went to work and we came home to empty houses. Because the women all worked now, the community was GONE. Another thing that happened was the rush to the suburbs which isolated everyone even more.