What Can We Do Now?


Yes we are still talking about them…every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn age 60. The generation that has had all of the attention showered on it since the 1960’s are now turning 60. It is a simple demographic fact that the post World War II population boom has been the focus of media, marketing, Wall Street and main street because of the sheer number, 78 million plus.

With each passing day we realize that no other country is able to lead the world out of this downturn. It is clearly up to the USA, and it’s economy to find the way out. Politics aside, tax cuts, stimulus, I am not here to argue, my question is what can “we” do?

My call today is to all of the “Boomers” to whom so much has been given; a free country, peace in our time, highly educated and for most of us the opportunity to pursue “self actualization”. Now is the time to give back to our nation and our fellow citizens.

In your local community find a way to form support groups and reach out to those around you that have been impacted by this difficult economy. Churches, Synagogues and other houses of worship are a good place to begin. Many people turn to their house of worship in times of need. Recently, at our church we started an out reach group for people who are out of work, under employed or concerned about the future of their job and industry. This concept has been well received and we are seeking ways to help all participants. NPR Story. Find the way.

Many years ago John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.” Now is the time to put those words into action.

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