What Do Baby Boomers Need and Want?


I am one of you. There are 78 million Baby Boomers out there and we have our own needs and wants that are specific to our age group. We are survivors and we have experience that we did not have, of course, when we were younger.

So, what do we need now? What do we want now? Here is what I found when I did my own research on these topics.

* Self Worth: many Boomers (over 50%) want to work as long as they can; some of us have to work, but many of us want to contribute to society and continue to have value which leads to self worth.

* Independence: I’ve earned it, so I’m going to do what I want as long as I can without having to depend on others.

* Strong Family Ties: although at some point this may involve physical and financial support, Boomers want emotional support from their family members.

* Nostalgia: some type of contact with the past involving happy memories and experiences that are still strong in our minds even though they may have happened 30, 40 or 50 years ago.

* Travel: the children have moved out and now there is freedom and money to check out the world.

* Fitness, Healthcare, Anti-Aging: Baby Boomers want to get in shape and stay in shape while leading healthy lives; we don’t want to totally give in to the aging process; we know that we can make time now to add fitness to our lifestyles without torturing our bodies.

* Financial Services: we want to take care of whatever we have accumulated and use the most advantageous products and services available to us in the marketplace.

* Stay Involved: I don’t know any Boomers that just want to sit in a rocking chair and watch TV; Boomers want to be volunteers; we want to read, and we want to write; we want to be involved with our families; we want to go to ballgames, concerts, seminars, the symphony, music in the parks, and movie theaters.

I am providing many of these things in my daily blog. You can get your “nostalgia fix” with ongoing glimpses of the past through videos, music clips, and old movie reviews.

The blog posts are fun to read while covering timely issues. Stop by… enjoy yourself.

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