What Makes a Winning Senior Living Development


There is a lot of activity in the senior living market, but it takes a certain expert on the niche to make a successful senior living facility. Paradee Homes recently won active adult community the year with its recent development Altis in Beaumont, California. Senior housing requires deep industry knowledge and strategy to create a unique community that will attract baby boomers.

“It takes a lot of research, an outstanding team and a very strategic plan, one that creates a neighborhood with more meaningful and individualistic community placemaking and provides robust social calendars for diverse Baby Boomer interests both on and close to the property,” Francine Wallace, VP of 55+ operations at Paradee Homes, tells GlobeSt.com. “A great deal of exploration and dedication are required to create a transformative community.”

Paradee utilizes technology to create the perfect balance of amenities targeted to each community. “We utilize local data to offer a more boutique and curated approach to differentiate and deliver what local buyers want, such as fresh, modern designs; energy-efficient features; open, personalized floor plans; and thoughtfully designed, consumer-centric amenities,” says Wallace. “It’s not only about getting the designs and approaches to amenities to the highest level possible, the developer must meticulously match the property’s personal, community and aspirational components to the dynamic Boomer buyer of today. This generation is many in number and major in discretionary income, controlling more than three-fifths of this type of income in the United States, but developers must really dig deeper to get to know the customer and then give them a reason to move.”

For Paradee, the key components are vitality, adventure, connectivity and style. Altis hit all of these requirements. “It’s very important to appeal to an active and sophisticated buyer through thoughtful, modern and environmentally friendly design,” says Wallace. “While staying on top of trends is vital, there are limits to the broad-stroke approach. These 55+ consumers are accustomed to having quality options and choices. Paradee Homes created an advanced design studio to help them customize their ideal space. Residents are provided with features and options that sync with their unique sense of identity and style.”

As a result, the community won multiple awards for senior living in SoCal. “We were very honored to win three SoCal awards, including for exceptional concepts in design and community amenities,” says Wallace. “This is but one example of extending the realm of possibility for Altis residents. It feeds not only the aforementioned vitality, adventure and connectivity, but it also stimulates one’s imagination and spirit.”


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