What the Perfect Baby Boomer Fitness Program Should Look Like


This is the perfect baby boomer fitness program, and I wanted to give you an example. This is a perfect program for you if you are a baby boomer and your goal is to have good health and general fitness. The baby boomers are ageless, I have been a personal trainer for over 25 years and I know since that is the majority of my clients, so I know what works.

Most people have no clue how long you need to work out each week to be fit. If you watch what you eat you can control your weight with diet, which I highly recommend, then you do not have to work out that much to stay in good shape. If you are an active person then you are already half way there.

Your main goal should be to increase your lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular system, and keep yourself flexible and agile. To improve your cardiovascular system you should do some form of aerobics two or three times a week. To improve your muscular strength and increase your lean muscle mass, you will need to be doing resistance training two days a week. Then to improve your flexibility and agility you will be moving in all plains of motion a couple a times a week.

If you are eating a healthy diet made up of whole natural food, you don`t have to spend hours and days in a gym burning off unwanted calories. You can go work out to improve our lean muscles, a stronger, heart and a flexible body instead of trying to get rid of calories.

Your perfect baby boomer fitness program should look like this:

* 30 minuets of aerobics 2 or 3 times a week. Swim, bike, walk, anything aerobic for 30 minuets at your target heart rate.

* Do resistance training 2 days a week. You can train your whole body with resistance exercise, you can train at home or at a gym with resistance bands or free weights for 30 minuets.

* 10 minuets of dynamic movement for 10 minuets 2 days a week. Callisthenics for the whole body is a good way to keep you flexible an agile.

For example

Day 1- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 2- 30 minuets resistance training

Day 3- 10 minuets dynamic training

Day 4- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 5- 30 minuets resistance training

Day 6- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 7- 10 minuets dynamic movements

You see the if The So you are On a by baby boomer and you do this by baby boomer fitness for a program A it does not take much to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Best- Mike Cola

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