When Can Baby Boomers Retire and Should They?


One thing that can be said about baby boomers is that most are not going to be retiring gracefully. The question of when can they and should they, is answered more by ‘if’ they can. The long held dream of retirement is being dashed by the realisation that pensions have either disappeared or are not enough to sustain retirement.

The retirement age for most baby boomers is increasing and for some. the thought of working on in their present job is a depressing thought. Plus the fact that by retiring at a greater age, they feel that they will lose precious years of being able to do the things they have dreamed of.

In some cases they feel that they should go on working as long as they physically can, whether that is in the same job or perhaps a part time position if they can find one.

Many middle aged persons wish is to retire early, if they can of course, and for those who do not have enough savings or investments the question is how. The solution is to think again about what they are doing with their life, are they just running on the treadmill of a safe ‘job’ or have they got the courage and determination to take up a second career.

It is a surprising fact that the greatest number of people looking at earning an income online are baby boomers. Unfortunately some have been told that this is a get rich quick source of business, but for those who have investigated it properly, they have realised that it is a viable way of earning residual income in a way that is quite possible at their time of life.

Although the older man or woman can find the internet a little daunting at first once they get to grips with it they realise that it can lead to a way of working at home, choosing the hours they want to put in and eventually giving up the rat race of commuting and the environment of a busy workplace.

If a suitable business is found and built up with an established company that provides help, training and support, they will find that not only will they make a residual income but they will find that the question of when can baby boomers retire and should they, will not arise because they will be financially stable and they will be in a position to make that choice themselves.

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