Why Baby Boomers Should Want to Be Marketed to | Mornings | 01-09-17


Perhaps because of the fact that I spent most of my career in marketing, I always notice how bad the marketing to women our age really is.

It makes me think that all of the advertising agencies out there are run by young men and women in their 20s and 30s who are relying on tired stereotypes to sell their products.

Today, I would like to get your opinion about how companies should market their products to us. Maybe we can force them to make some products that we actually need!

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Here are today’s community questions.

What kinds of ads targeted at people our age do you hate? Which ones do you love? What advice would you give to an advertising executive who is trying to come up with an ad for older adults?

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Here is the link to the article that I mentioned.

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  1. I agree, being talked down to consistently is infuriating! Once one is "over the hill", as They seem to consider it, we pick up speed not slow down 😀 I do, consider and try more adventurous things and experiences than I ever did before. I'm more confident, have more time, a little more free spending capacity and also don't want to be corralled into an "Over 60 can't see/hear/think/do/etc" group, I'm not scared of life and my friends vary from 13 (no relation but someone I get on with in my games/gaming group- yes, we are the generation who invented computer gaming, don't forget!) to a 103 year old person who's as sharp as a tack. Don't be so limiting, I would tell Them. Also, we become heavier more easily, our waists expand but elastic is not the answer! Sleeves are a good idea on clothes and good cut solves more sizing problems than dull fabrics. I grew tall, who realises that 5'3" isn't the average any more? Not the average marketer….

  2. I think the biggest impact us older women can make is STOP buying the products that are not realistic to the product being advertised. Money talks, don't buy their products. Haband and Blair are two prime examples of advertising product with younger people wearing or using their products. REALLY, do they think we are stupid. 'Age appropriate' is not in my vocabulary. Listen to your THIRD CHAKRA. "You are the only one that has the power to approve of you". Be happy ladies. Do what makes YOU feel great. Hugs to all of you beautiful people.