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  1. I feel like im listening to myself in this guy he is so right. My parents are typical boomers, 1956/1958 born parents. Both lived in a thriving city in their younger years with ample opportunity. They did both work hard but in my opinion not that hard, they earned enough money to be able to afford a flat and a car and live a party lifestyle with money left over. My dad worked in construction and my mum worked in the NHS, they both climbed their respective career ladders in typical amounts of time.. Which was the norm for then. 1 career path choice and you stuck with it. I respect that they tried and worked for their money im not disputing that fact, they worked just like anybody else. The only thing that my generation is jealous of is the rate of inflation and the housing market and also minumum wage! The rate of inflation has been increased by people in the 'boomer' generation and it is still influenced by people my grandparents age…..

  2. I'm an X-er, currently unemployed. My parents live in a boomer retirement community- home up in the mountains worth at least $350,000. A six bedroom house that two people occupy. My parents were both married three times, divorced three times each. Had cheap college, good career prospects, houses were cheap back then. Of the six children in my generation had through marriage, three are in their 40's living at home, 5 of 6 have problems with drugs, only one has anything resembling a normal life.
    That being said this young man talking seems to be a very confused millenial

  3. The main reason i loathe the boomers is because they gave away our entire society to a group of crumm-snatching 3rd worlders who have never worked to improve their own conditions, subsequently blame us for their own incompetence and then claim they have a right to the fruits of my grandfathers labor.

  4. So you want to be an individual and not label people – what the hell do you think you have just done – labelling a whole generation of people – men, women, black, white, mixed race, poor and rich, gay and straight. Yes, some middle aged and older people are in powerful positions but they always have been. Your generation will be the same. Yes, some baby boomers are selfish, greedy and repressive. And your generation? Are you all the same?

  5. You pretty much hit it on the head. I remember when there was freedom in the USA. The baby boomers installed one tyrannical law after another. The baby boomers tell everyone else to take personal responsibility but never did so themselves. They reserve the right to be hyper-critical about every other generation but don't dare criticize them. They forced "friendly" fascism onto others or will say you are being negative. Baby boomers will smile, lie to your face, and then stab you in the back.

  6. Then state WHAT boomers you are angry at. Your parents and I did not own corporations and businesses to send the jobs overseas! But NO blame every single person who was born after 1944 and throw them all into the fire! Yeah that's it! That's intelligent! Guilty until proven innocent if you're born after 1944! WOW, what a bunch of ignorant idiots.

  7. Don't bother marinello6 to reason with them. They need someone to blame for what the government and banks have done to the economy. Like anyone had any power to prevent it. Clinton repealed the Glass Steagall act so the banksters could capitalize on mortgagees. But they are poor ignorant children who grew up on video games and CGI movies.

  8. Baby boomers studied nonsense in school and then piously applied this to important political, social, and economic decisions. Ooooo, big surprise it all went sideways. Now try to enlighten them to their mistakes and prepare to get major condescention attitude shovelled out on you. They were too self absorbed to learn the important lessons that were not taught in the state education industry but their forefathers warned them about and still do. Fucking wankers

  9. No they didn't Julie. Boomers take claim to everything we've done since we were kids. That's why the still call us "kids" even when we're fucking 30-40 years old now and have "kids" of our own that are fucking graduating HIGH SCHOOL.. but you fucks won't retire and won't spend money.. BUT, you'll take ownership of the one thing NONE of you can even fucking use properly. You can't even double fucking click properly, but you lay claim to "THE GOOGLE" haha.. FUCK YOU Julie.. GEN X MADE THAT SHIT!

  10. Baby Boomers: in one generation took America the largest creditor in the world to the biggest debtor. Congress is filled with self-serving baby boomers. A revolution is needed to jail the baby boomers and seize their assets to pay off the national debt.