Why Do Baby Boomers Give Advice


Cappy tries to explain why boomers give advice.
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  1. "Reincarnation" in this case is stolen valor. Come on man (to the client). You didn't fight in any wars. Get off your damn high horse.

    That said, American boomers rigged the world economy to work in their favor, both geographically and temporally. They screwed over the third world and their own children so they could live decadent lives with a safety net paid for by other people's money. Millenials are trying to do the same, but without the demographic boom that the Boomers created, it won't well for most of them.

  2. If I read this right this guy is saying he is sane? The story about being a Green Beret and fighting in Laos or where ever totally sketchy. I know guys that were in those areas and they don't talk like that. As far as baby boomers giving advice he is spewing I have one statement to make pure BULLSHIT.. That is what the previous "greatest generation" told us. I can tell you for a fact that unless asked I don't know of any of my friends, granted most are retired military or even when active duty that spoke that way unless they were a drill sgt.
    Coming from the boomer generation I can't fathom giving advice let alone criticism as they guy states. When I went to school it was super hard guess why? Because they were drafting those of us and colleges made you work for your grades. Today there is significant grade inflation because colleges what students to graduate and colleges want to get paid. PS my dad was a drill sgt and was in both wars and his advice to me was if drafted go if not finish your education. Pretty simple…..This guy seems to be a classic case of millennial butt hurt.