Why Start a Baby Boomer Home Business Online?


The baby boomer generation is retiring — some voluntary and many more forced into retirement due to downsizing and layoffs. Personally, I un-retired myself before I even retired… knowing I cannot stop working after retirement.

Isn’t it time to start the perfect baby boomer home business? Something “perfect” for you… geared totally towards your interests, your skills, your life?

That is where a home-based business comes into the picture. There are so many options to work online nowadays… seriously. It’s not that difficult either so don’t let your negative mind talk you out of something that can help you get out of your little world, find creativity in your retired life, find new friends online, and earn an income while you have fun.

I’ve had website income for ten years now, and yet, I am still learning new ideas and techniques. I love learning! I also attend website/blogger conferences – and when you love what you do, and find people who speak your language (depending on what your niche topic is), it’s simply a wonderful lifestyle!

You might simply choose a topic to blog about and write about it… details, details. Add some advertising and produce an income. Sounds simple, and it really is — though you do need to write many articles. Once you get into the flow of writing on one topic, it gets easier and easier. You write a Kindle book based on all your articles, and upload to Amazon. Visitors ask questions, another article is written. Boom… done!

You might also sell on eBay or Amazon. People earn large incomes doing both… totally amazes me when I meet someone at a conference and hear their story. Did you know you can supply Amazon with the items they sell? Many do! Families are supported using these websites, and you can do the same. You simply need to put the time and effort into learning the ropes, like others have done, and Just Do The Work.

Another idea is working for others online. Many online businesses outsource work to others. I wear many hats as a website owner and some jobs are better left to someone else, while I do more strategic or personal jobs. These businesses hire writers, people who transcribe audio files to text files, researchers, graphic artists for images and logos or headers, and video editors. If you don’t have these skills, take a class to learn and then earn!

You might even start a local home-based business… dog walking, gardening for busy working moms, watching kids for 2 hours (maybe from 3:00 to 5:00 pm) after school, cleaning homes, sewing unique items for sale at different local outlets. Seriously consider what you enjoy doing and how you might turn that into a small business. There are so many possibilities if you open your mind to them… people will pay for conveniences in their busy lifestyles.

So many possibilities if you only open your heart and mind to them!

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