Will rents in D-FW level out soon? Not if you live in these three areas | Real Estate


What is the best residential area of DFW to buy in for long term value increase? $200k-$300k purchase price range

First ring suburbs including Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Irving, etc. are going to see continue demand for housing and are already having huge home sales increases.

Why is it so difficult for a middle class D-FW  homebuyer to find a decent house – not huge, not ancient, not practically in Oklahoma?

The competition from both first-time buyers and investors has run up the cost of moderate-priced homes in close-in locations. I don’t expect that to stop any time soon. There will be more pressure from Baby Boomers who are wanting to sell big honking houses in the ‘burbs and find something smaller and a bit closer in. If builders can figure out how to meet this demand they will strike gold. But it’s tough to do with land prices.

When do you think suburbs like Plano and Frisco will allow more housing options like apartment complexes?

Homeowners groups in both Plano and Frisco are pushing back hard against more zoning for apartments. Sadly, four out of 10 people who live in this area rent and a great majority of young workers live in apartments. Even so, I doubt we’ll see rezoning for apartments in the northern suburbs. There’s just too much resistance.

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