You're a Retired Baby Boomer – You Need to Change! How Do You Change Your Life After Retirement?


What you should know when you want to change your life.

"How to change your life?" Who has not asked this question?

Yet how many of those who would like to change their lives do not know how. Indeed, our life "outside" is a consequence. And if we want a change, we will have to change the cause.

Unfortunately for many, the failure is down the road because they only alter the exterior without changing the source that creates it. Because the Secret of human life is what we carry within us, within our being that externalized and creates our lives. It is therefore futile to try to change conditions without changing yourself.

Yes, how to change your life also has its own laws. And someone who really wants to engage on this path will have to go discover for himself. Here is an extraordinary adventure: Getting to know yourself – The Master Key to Life.

So how do you start?

First, you must understand that changing your life is not done bu waving a magic wand. You must be realistic. It's not because we speak of the human spirit and its extraordinary capacity, that you should be caught up in some sort of miracle one minute recipe.

To know oneself in order to change is a real journey, but how extraordinary a route if you know how to track properly.

First, it implies you understand that any effects comes from a cause. So what is our life is today has been produced by a cause. And all the time this cause remain the same, it will continue to produce the same result.

Then you have to discover that you are not your thoughts but we must use our thoughts as tools to live what we desire.

Too many people are just slaves to the multitude of contradictory thoughts that cross their mind, without even knowing that it's what creates confusion and the inability to materialize their most legitimate and profound desires.

How to change your life involves to … change. But to change yourself because it is yourself that is the source of the creation of life. We are the creators of our lives through our thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Often at this stage, we hear that we just have to think positive for our lives become better. This is true for some but not for everyone. Indeed many who want to start thinking positive get exhausted and even often see the situation worsen.

And yes, as if changes to your life was made just by thinking more positively when you could not have done so far, everyone would change his life with he greatest of ease.

It would be great, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

Careful now, I'm not saying we can not begin to think more positively. I'm just saying that sometimes it is not possible because … there may exist in the unconscious beliefs that will not let you change so easily.

We must therefore look to dissolve blockages and heal the wounds that are barriers to change.

Then it will be good to know what we want as a life purpose and stay on course to reach destination.

Obviously, there is a key ingredient to change life and it's action. But do not act in any old fashion. Act on all the points we just mentioned above.

To change your life takes some "work" on oneself. But the gift that is down the road is the most wonderful gift that you can be offered: It's happiness

But the real happiness has a condition.

It's not just wanting to change your life just to change your life. You have to want to find yourselves, to be truly yourself. Then changing your life takes a sacred meaning, that of personal development that we express in the conditions of the life we ​​lead.

That is what will give all the value to the fact of wanting to be happy by changing life. because it does not mean to leave an unsatisfactory life to enter another equally unsatisfactory.

It is to really understand how to change your life to be truly happy at last.

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