YouTube Does Not Care About Baby Boomers – Steve’s Vlog #19


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  1. I can tell you this much. In the living situation that I am in, in a rooming house I have 9 other people living in rooms in this house in downtown Toronto. I am the only technology enthusiast and over 50. I have multiple laptops, a server and a NAS. The other people who live here are pretty much uninterested in technology at all.They don't care about youtube at all! They lack even basic internet skills. (I am often asked to find information for them). They don't own smart phones and do not have e-mail addresses. They rarely do more then watch tv, drink beer or wine and wait for thier disability or welfare cheques to come in so they can buy thier drugs and booze. This may not represent the majority of the population but many people in this segment have reached a point where they know that they will not achieve the success that they were expecting at 20 or 30 and have resigned themselves to living without technology. Internet access takes money away from thier recreational interests. They have the most basic starter cable which is mostly community programming and basic news. I don't know if this contributes to your understanding of you tube but there are alot of people in this situation. Figure twenty or thirty thousand here in Toronto. Compared to a population of 2.81 million

  2. 57 this year and I will be going into my 4th year this fall with YouTube. I love my channel I love machine learning and I agree that our calling should be to draw babyboomers attention to all the possibilities so as not to be left behind and segregated from being a part of their surroundings and beyond.

  3. Although I meet your criteria, I currently only re-purpose my audio podcast as a YouTube video. And yes, I would love to see someone with a more mature perspective on many of the subjects I watch on YT, but it involves things I can't do myself, either because they involve living in certain places (near theme parks) or tech that I don't know enough about (which is why I watch videos such as yours). That last part is not so much an age restriction on my park, I've simply never been that good with tech.

  4. Hey Steve… Arthur here and north of 60. I am super comfortable making videos (easily over 100 on the web) and use YouTube as a warehouse for my videos. Seriously thinking of moving to Vimeo though. I don't really know how to make money on youtube. I'm a leather craftsman, a Maker, and all I really want to do is make things rather than taking time to play the marketing game on youtube which seems to change every month. My channel is innovativejournaling. An older channel is renaissanceart and my website is where if you scroll to the bottom you can watch a video of what I do.
    The other issue is that the main reason younger people seem to be better at this tech stuff is simply because they spend more time on it…. for whatever reason… not married, no kids, no life… whatever. People our age… are you 60+?… NO WAY! … People my age are mostly old farts that think self improvement and learning new things is reading a newspaper. They are alzheimers waiting to happen. They have grandkids which are totally freakin' some kind of awesome that younger people have no idea of.
    The older a person gets the greater base of knowledge they have from which to pull from. This means that they can learn faster and do it better… if they are not in the "most things stop at old" mindset.
    Hope you get in touch thru my website. I don't really follow chat/comment conversations. It's just not a priority like watching all your very awesome videos has become.

  5. I have to agree with some of the comments that unfortunately people my age or older, I'm 57, see YouTube as I hate to say a waste of time! but they're more apt to just watch television like cable it's hard even get them to watch Amazon or Netflix for goodness sakes. I'm definitely unlike most of my women friends. And they can't even imagine doing a YouTube video They don't get it. But I think and my particular case women of my age group and older especially need to see other women of our age group doing things and living life and not just sitting on the couch eating chips and wasting the rest of their life away. And that makes me crazy because damn it I'm one of the first ones to ever use a computer at work I'm one of the first people to have a PC in the house. Yet so many just get intimidated. I don't understand that! what were they doing in the 80s???

  6. I know a bunch of people "our age" who were hit by the whole "demonetization" fiasco and basically said "Screw it, Not going to play kiddies games" and stopped making videos.
    However one or 2 guys (pretty niche markets) decided "to hell with Youtube" and we figured out a way to monetize videos without Youtube monetizing videos – and the monetization has got a better cpm because of it.
    Youtube wont like it but Youtube named the game and invented the rules to maximise their own profits so Youtube should not complain when they run foul of their own arbitrary petty rules and the nonsense that their own automated implementation algorithms get up to…
    And about your VLOGS – PLEASE keep them coming – they are great…

  7. Hey Steve. At 54 I've been doing YT for several years now making DIY videos about about RVing (a popular boomer topic). My primary audience is 45-65. I think you'll find several in the DIY space like me looking to help, share knowledge, and yes…make a little money. I don't know of any doing full-time vlogging though.

  8. Thank you Steve! I‘m in my second half of the 40ies, and I would love to do my blog, vlog and/or podcast. I always thought I‘m to old for this – now I changed my mind, I‘ll do it!!! (By the way, I‘ve watched all your videos about content-creating, and many more stuff including some of your courses.)

  9. As usual, Great Vlog…
    Also, Love the slides on the Left,
    "Tech Junkie, Baby Boomer, Productivity Evangelist"
    I'm Two out of Three of them:
    Tech Junkie, and Baby Boomer…LOL
    Your topic this week is essential in many ways.
    All media these days are geared towards what the advertisers consider the group with the most disposable income, Ie extra money to spend.
    Which they don't count Baby Boomers as such, and to be fair, there are LOT of us on a fixed income with little extra many.
    But that aside, Baby Boomers as creators, which is your main topic.
    I recently watched a Writers Podcast that was discussing this topic, Baby Boomers as Writers. It was noted that most publishing houses tend to shy away from older authors, and are hesitant to put a lot of money and resources behind an older author, on the theory that they will get a relatively limited number of books from them simply because they're older. So many Older authors are going the Self Publishing route and doing very well.
    I think its kinda the same mentality on YouTube, and Facebook, etc.
    They don't see a long-term profit road from them.
    Also as you mention, May older folks haven't completely embraced technology. At least the creating side of it. New tools and better cameras allow almost anyone to make a decent video, while it may not be up to "Professional" standards, it should at least be watchable, And hopefully, the quality of their content will outweigh and technical issues.
    I've dabbled with doing a few videos, Mostly about my writing.

  10. The Todd Lohenry Page is another good tech channel that you might want to check out. I think the most popular channels are "entertainment" channels. Even informative channels are "easy to digest", like Kurzgesagt or Ross Draws (second one is admittedly young) have some effort put into the production, so it's not just someone sitting at their desk.

  11. i'm in my 70's and just don't have the money to buy the equipment i think necessary to do it. also i don't have the space to do it. All my plug spaces are filled with things like room ac, all the computer equipment. If i had a room i could devote to do live stream i'd do it.

  12. Hey Steve. Another great vlog – thanks for your insight.

    Monique Parent is someone who may qualify as a baby boomer (not sure of the cut off age?). Her target audience is predominantly women and her content is typically health/beauty and lifestyle.

    Thanks for discussing this topic. I hope it spurs more people to become creators.

  13. I'm only 42. A few years ago, I had the idea of doing a channel about fountain pens. It took two more years to build up the nerve to actually record a video. I'm now about to celebrate my fourth year of fountain pen videos, and I even do little North Dakota pieces from time to time. As you say, I just had to get out and do it.

  14. The other thing I face as wanting to get into you tube is that it is very very expensive to get a Sony 7 alpha camera (most used camera by youtubers), lighting equipment, audio mikes, tripods and a really really powerful computer to effectively edit youtube videos as well as Adobe Premier pro. Your looking at $USD15000 for a prosumer set-up. In the old days you used to be able to get away with a web cam and microsoft video editor but if you want to reach an audience of at least 1000 (Minimum now needed for get ad-revenue sharing) followers you have to start at a much high level of professionalism then the old days. The largest celebrity tubers like Linus tech tips and iJustine and casey Neistat now have a staff of several to over 30 people that manage the business. Its increasingly hard to compete at less sophisticated levels and earn enough income to make it worth it.

    The other option is to make vlogging part of what you do that is not you tube. Having content to produce on a regular basis is also not something everyone has a life interesting enough to do. Most people can't afford to get a new iPhone when they come out just to review it then throw it in a drawer like iJustine does (Her net worth is over $2M according to some reports).

    As a mature adult I just do not have the resources nor the dedication to spend my time chasing the next big tech toy when I know 1000 others are doing it on youtube. What value can I add to the experience is my question. For now I don't have a good answer. So, I content myself with watching youtubes and seeking an opportunity and building my hardware and software set-up to a point where I can produce reasonably competent videos and then start lookng for my niche.

  15. Check out the sudoku guy channel! He's my friend's husband and has a very loyal following and is enjoying himself immensely. 😉 I'm over 60 and watch lots of YT but my interests are definitely not the same as the younger demographics. Also I've been using computer technology since the 80's but many of my friends are barely computer literate. 🙁

  16. Hey Steve great vlog. Man I set up a YouTube channel. I’m 54 and outside of my other side hustle love how baby boomers like you create content for us boomer non techies. Like it or not this is where we are headed as more and more folks cut the cable cord and enjoy web based content. I’ve got two rookie videos I did with my iPhone at the I made a lot of videos but editing takes me more time than I have on my schedule. Plus I’m taking some blogging classes cause I believe blogging and vlogging go hand in hand. So thanks for all you do and keep storming the castle. Let us know when you hit the East Coast.

  17. Hello Steve. Thanks for the encouragement. I am 63 years old. I have an inexpensive camera, Yeti mic, StreamFlow software, Greenscreen and a Macbook Pro (2017). I have done very little in the way of video, but hope to do more this summer. I teach in what some would call a "Seminary" and often show some of your videos to my classes. Your videos are very helpful and encouraging. Thanks for what you do.

  18. Hey Steve, I'm a big fan (from the Toronto area) and I'm a boomer, too. I turn 59 this summer. I've been working hard to build out my Channel – just reached 3K+ subs now. It's been a tough go over the last few years (since I dove deep) but I am loving the journey and still going strong. On my channel, I teach about Video, Camtasia and YouTube and I love to help empower the boomer generation through my work now. It would be great to meet you and chat about this very topic one day – Boomers and YouTube 🙂

  19. I think you nailed the list of factors constraining older people from getting into YouTube. Intimidation is major. Not just technological intimidation, but that's significant. There's so much to learn about video production and social media in general. But I think older people are reluctant to put themselves "out there" in a world so dominated by younger people. It's what Seth Godin calls the "lizard brain." That's why your example is so important and influential. Not just the training you offer, but the very fact that you have succeeded in that world of confident youngsters. Keep up the good work. I hope to launch a channel (maybe 3) soon. Thanks for the inspiration. (I'm on the socials as @riscorick and #SavetheMovie).

  20. This is my favorite vlog so far! I started my channel for my students back in 2008 and since retirement, I have started to think about consistently creating content, my niche, etc. (I'm deep and broad…I don't think I have a niche!!)
    I think the digital divide is one factor explaining the absence of Boomers on YouTube but another is the 'modesty' variable. "What can I say that hasn't already been said?" is the biggest stumbling block. Years ago I hooked up my mom (78 then) with a laptop and tried to get her to start a blog. She didn't think she had anything of value to add to the world. I used the flower-garden metaphor…each flower has its place and the garden would be less without that one special flower. It didn't work but today she has ditched the laptop for an iPad and iPod. Before I retired, I ran a program (Senior Connections) matching senior high school students with senior citizens in the community so the later could learn basic internet skills. It was a success and we need more programs like that. Boomers often feel intimidated by tech…that was the case with the teachers I worked with. We need to hook them up, (especially the women) one senior at a time! (62 soon!)

  21. Great video Steve. I'm one of those boomers who are thinking about starting a channel. i've been consuming youtube videos for a while, trying to learn everything that I can. I love YouTube as a medium for learning, teaching, writing and exploring. I don't want to be just another person talking about makeup, for goodness sakes! I am 69 years old and a bit of a nerd myself, so I'm getting ready to take the plunge. Keep up your great work, you are an example for me to follow, and I utilize your trainings constantly. I work at home on my computer alll day writing (medical), and I'm always playing YouTube in the background!